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Colleen + Tom, Oyster Point Hotel, Red Bank wedding photographer

Looking back on this lovely wedding day, we are reminded of how excited the bride Colleen Rogers and her man Tom Botwin were to be working with us in the weeks and months leading up to the big day. All of Colleen’s calls and letters to us were laced with happy anticipation! It was really so cute! Well, we always try to do a good job but having a little bit of cheer leading before the wedding day is always helpful… Thanks Colleen! We loved spending the day with you both. Your wedding day seemed to have the perfect blend of quiet sophistication and unbridled joy; qualities that we hope to have succeeded in capturing for you…
There were so many things that made this day fun for us. First of all, I have to say, having such willing (and handsome) subjects really makes our jobs quite a bit easier! Then there were the locations, from the couples lovely family homes to the splendid St. Mary of the Assumption Church and then off to the stately Wilson Hall at Monmouth University until finally ending up at the always beautiful Oyster Point Hotel, where the only thing as nice as the view is the staff! Then, as if that wasn’t enough, it seemed that we already knew nearly half of the girls in the bridal party from some other parts of our life; Alison, a member of The Oyster Point sales staff, Rachel, whose head shot we photographed years ago and Kristen, who we met at a wedding in Aruba only last December! It was like Colleen & Tom had stocked the pond with friendly faces for us. : )
But enough about how much fun “we” had. Scroll down a little and check out how much fun Colleen & Tom had! Thanks again for a great day and best of luck to you both for a long, happy and prosperous life together!
Bob & Liz
Ceremony – St Mary of the Assumption Church, Deal, New Jersey
Reception – The Oyster Point Hotel, Red Bank, New Jersey
Flowers – Clores Flowers + Gifts, Montclair, New Jersey
Cinematography – Lucid Lens, Long Branch, New Jersey
Wedding Invitation – The Papery
Wedding Cake – Ye Olde Pie Shoppe, Little Silver, New Jersey
Entertainment – Sounds To Go, Red Bank, New Jersey
Wedding Dress – Pronovias
Bride’s Shoes – Kate Spade
Groom’s Wear – Men’s Wearhouse
Make-Up – Vicki Valenci
Hair – Cherie Wilson
Transportation – Long Branch Trolley, Long Branch, New Jersey

Alison + Andrew, Oyster Point Hotel wedding photographer

Even after 20 years of wedding photography ( 2014 marks 20 years! ) Liz and I still experience some “firsts” from time to time.In fact they seem to crop up all the time! In this case, the wedding of the Massachusetts couple Alison Timm and Andrew Emley, we photographed the happy couple’s Engagement portraits in Asbury Park just 2 days before the wedding day! Many couples shoot their engagement portraits a full year before the wedding so this was almost certainly a first for us… and we know it was a first for Alison & Andrew as well! : )
Anyway, just a day and a half after meeting with them on the boardwalk for engagement portraits, we were photographing these busy professionals getting ready for their big day; Alison at The Oyster Point Hotel and Andrew at The Molly Pitcher Inn. After a beautiful ceremony at The First Presbyterian Church and some fun portraits at Victory Park, both in Rumson, we journeyed back to The Oyster Point Hotel for the couple’s fabulous reception. As you can see in the photos, these people were having way too much fun! Cheers!
Congratulations and BIG thank you’s go out to all! We wish Alison & Andrew all the best for the future! Thanks for giving us another First! ; )07oyster-point-wedding_3608oyster-point-wedding_209oyster-point-wedding_110oyster-point-wedding_1011oyster-point-wedding_912oyster-point-wedding_313oyster-point-wedding_1114oyster-point-wedding_1215oyster-point-wedding_416oyster-point-wedding_517oyster-point-wedding_818oyster-point-wedding_719oyster-point-wedding_620oyster-point-wedding_1321oyster-point-wedding_1622oyster-point-wedding_1423oyster-point-wedding_1524oyster-point-wedding_1725oyster-point-wedding_2026oyster-point-wedding_2427oyster-point-wedding_2128oyster-point-wedding_2229oyster-point-wedding_1930oyster-point-wedding_3131oyster-point-wedding_3332oyster-point-wedding_3233oyster-point-wedding_2634oyster-point-wedding_3035oyster-point-wedding_2536oyster-point-wedding_3438oyster-point-wedding_2839oyster-point-wedding_2740oyster-point-wedding_3841oyster-point-wedding_2942oyster-point-wedding_3743oyster-point-wedding_3944oyster-point-wedding_4445oyster-point-wedding_4246oyster-point-wedding_4047oyster-point-wedding_4148oyster-point-wedding_4349oyster-point-wedding_4750oyster-point-wedding_5751oyster-point-wedding_4952oyster-point-wedding_4853oyster-point-wedding_5654oyster-point-wedding_5155oyster-point-wedding_5556oyster-point-wedding_5457oyster-point-wedding_4658oyster-point-wedding_5359oyster-point-wedding_5260oyster-point-wedding_45
Ceremony – First Presbyterian Church, Rumson, NJ
Reception – Oyster Point Hotel, Red Bank, NJ
Flowers – Deirdre Design
Wedding Invitations – Emerald Invitations
Wedding Cake – Sugarush, Red Bank
Wedding Dress – Lovely Bride, NYC
Groom’s Wear – Hugo Boss
Make-Up + Hair – Brush Salon, Long Branch

Nicole + Sean, Molly Pitcher Inn, Red Bank wedding photographer

Our relationship with Sean & Nicole began with Engagement portraits at Sandy Hook, NJ and quickly progressed to dinner that evening at “Off the Hook” in Highlands! It seems that we hit it off right away and we really, really love when that happens! We always say that an engagement portrait is the best way for a future bride and groom to get to know us a little bit and to realize that working with us is nothing to be afraid of and is in fact easy and enjoyable… but dinner afterwards really does the trick. After that, when the wedding day comes, it just feels like we are all just hanging out together when in fact; they are getting MARRIED (yea!) and we are working our asses off. : )
The staff of The Molly Pitcher Inn were the amazing and gracious hosts of this entire wedding day. It makes for such an easy and fun wedding day when the getting ready, the first look, the family portraits, the ceremony and the reception are all in one place. There is no traveling and no stop to the party! Thanks go out to Sean & Nicole for making the day so enjoyable and stress free for themselves and for all of their guests. A good time was had by all, as you will soon see!
Sean & Nicole; let’s do lunch sometime… no cameras, we promise!01Sandy-Hook-engagement-102Sandy-Hook-engagement-203Sandy-Hook-engagement-304Sandy-Hook-engagement-405Sandy-Hook-engagement-506Sandy-Hook-engagement-607molly-pitcher-inn-21_mckay08molly-pitcher-inn-1_mckay09molly-pitcher-inn-3_mckay10molly-pitcher-inn-2_mckay11molly-pitcher-inn-5_mckay12molly-pitcher-inn-4_mckay13molly-pitcher-inn-10_mckay14molly-pitcher-inn-6_mckay15molly-pitcher-inn-11_mckay16molly-pitcher-inn-7_mckay17molly-pitcher-inn-9_mckay18molly-pitcher-inn-8_mckay19molly-pitcher-inn-12_mckay20molly-pitcher-inn-13_mckay21molly-pitcher-inn-14_mckay22molly-pitcher-inn-15_mckay23molly-pitcher-inn-18_mckay24molly-pitcher-inn-16_mckay25molly-pitcher-inn-22_mckay26molly-pitcher-inn-19_mckay27molly-pitcher-inn-24_mckay28molly-pitcher-inn-27_mckay29molly-pitcher-inn-26_mckay30molly-pitcher-inn-25_mckay31molly-pitcher-inn-20_mckay32molly-pitcher-wedding_19_mc33molly-pitcher-inn-29_mckay34molly-pitcher-wedding_20_mckay35moly-pitcher-wedding_2_mcka36moly-pitcher-wedding_1_mcka37molly-pitcher-inn-28_mckay38moly-pitcher-wedding_4_mcka39moly-pitcher-wedding_5_mcka40moly-pitcher-wedding_3_mcka41moly-pitcher-wedding_5_mckay42molly-pitcher-wedding_10_mc43molly-pitcher-wedding_9_mckay44molly-pitcher-wedding_6_mck45molly-pitcher-wedding_8_mck46molly-pitcher-wedding_7_mckay47molly-pitcher-wedding_14_mckay48molly-pitcher-wedding_15_mckay49molly-pitcher-wedding_16_mc50molly-pitcher-wedding_11_mckay51molly-pitcher-wedding_18_mc52molly-pitcher-wedding_12_mc53molly-pitcher-wedding_13_mckay
Ceremony + Reception – Molly Pitcher Inn, Red Bank
Flowers – Petal Beach
Officiant – Father Anthony Testa
Wedding Invitations – Minted
Wedding Cake – Ye Olde Pie Shoppe
Ceremony + Cocktail Music – Mike Deej
Reception Entertainment – Elite Entertainment
Wedding Dress – Henry Roth
Bride’s Shoes – Kate Spade
Groom’s Wear – Vera Wang
Make-Up + Hair – Pin it Up Bridal

Lisa + Christian, Mallard Island wedding photographer

01mallard-island-23_mckayWe have 2 sets of congratulations to go out here! First an foremost, we’d like to congratulate Lisa Jacobs and Christian Cantatore, who were married at the beautiful Mallard Island Yacht Club this past August 2nd! We wish we could have been there! Which brings us to our second shout out! Congrats to Brandi, the newest member of the very talented McKay Imaging family of photographers! This was Brandi’s first wedding for us and as you can see, she really captured the beauty and emotion of the day. We are so happy to have her with us, both as a friend and a colleague.
So, we hereby raise our glasses and toast a couple of “firsts” and wish everyone nothing but the best of luck in the future!02mckay_mallard-island-yacht-03mallard-island-1_mckay04mallard-island-13_mckay05mallard-island-4_mckay06mallard-island-7_mckay07mallard-island-6_mckay08mallard-island-8_mckay09mallard-island-5_mckaymallard-island_getting-read11mallard-island-3_mckay12mallard-island-12_mckay13mallard-island-14_mckay14mallard-island-2_mckay15mallard-island-15_mckay16mallard-island-16_mckay17mallard-island-19_mckay18mallard-island-17_mckay19mallard-island-21_mckay20mallard-island-20_mckay21mallard-island-22_mckay22mallard-island-24_mckay23mallard-island-29_mckay24mallard-island-yach-club-425mallard-island-yach-club-526mallard-island-yach-club-127mallard-island-26_mckay28mallard-island-27_mckay29mallard-island-30_mckay30mallard-island-28_mckay31mallard-island-yach-club-232mallard-island-yach-club-333mallard-island-9_mckay34mallard-island-yach-club-636mallard-island-yach-club-837mallard-island-yach-club-938mallard-island-yach-club-1439mallard-island-yach-club-1140mallard-island-yach-club-1041mallard-island-yach-club-1242mallard-island-yach-club-1343mallard-island-yach-club-1544mallard-island-wedding-145mallard-island-wedding-246mallard-island-wedding-347mallard-island-wedding-748mallard-island-wedding-549mallard-island-wedding-650mallard-island-wedding-451mallard-island-wedding-8
Ceremony + Reception – Mallard Island Yacht Club, Manahawkin, New Jersey

Ashley + Marc, Molly Pitcher wedding photographer

1deepcut-gardens-4_mckayCongratulations to Ashley White and Marc Messiha for making a lot of great decisions about their wedding day! First of all they chose each other… nice move. Next they choose the venues and the date and July 26th was a nearly perfect day for their ceremony at St. Mary’s Chapel, their portraits at Deep Cut Park and of course their Molly Pitcher reception as well. Then, among many other thoughtful details, they chose our wonderful friend and associate Sara to capture their day in photographs, the results of which you can see below. Big thanks you’s go out to Ashley, Marc and their families from all of us at McKay Imaging. We are so happy to have been a part of your wedding day…!1amckay_shoes2mckay_make-up3mckay_get-dressed4mckay_heart5mckay_earring6mckay_groom-ready7mckay_groom-portrait8molly-pitcher-inn_guys9mckay_bride-portrait10mckay_dad11mckay_brides-maids12mckay_flowers13mckay_st-msry-chapel14mckay_st-mary-chapel-arrival15mckay_ceremony-416mckay_ceremony-217mckay_ceremony-518mckay_ceremony-119mckay_ceremony-620mckay_ceremony-321mckay_church22mckay_st-mary's-chapel-223deepcut-gardens-7_mckay24deepcut-gardens-1_mckay25deepcut-gardens-2_mckay26deepcut-gardens-5_mckay27deepcut-gardens-6_mckay28deepcut-gardens-3_mckay29deepcut-gardens-8_mckay30deepcut-gardens-17_mckay31deepcut-gardens-13_mckay32deepcut-gardens-14_mckay33deepcut-gardens-11_mckay34deepcut-gardens-16_mckay35deepcut-gardens-10_mckay36deepcut-gardens-15_mckay37deepcut-gardens-9_mckay38deepcut-gardens-12_mckay39molly-pitcher-inn_reception-140molly-pitcher-inn_reception-341molly-pitcher-inn_reception-242molly-pitcher-inn_reception-443molly-pitcher-inn_reception-544molly-pitcher-inn_reception-645molly-pitcher-inn_reception-746molly-pitcher-inn_reception-1047molly-pitcher-inn_reception-948molly-pitcher-inn_reception-1149molly-pitcher-inn_reception-1250molly-pitcher-inn_reception-8

Ceremony – St Mary’s Chapel
Reception – Molly Pitcher Inn, Red Bank
Flowers – Koch Florist
Video – Versatile
Wedding Invitaitons – The Papery
Wedding Cake – Ye Olde Pie Shoppe
Wedding Dress – David’s Bridal
Bride’s Shoes – Macy’s
Groom’s Wear – Men’s Wearhouse

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