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Frank + Caitlyn, Married, Windows on the Water, New Jersey wedding photographer

On May 30th, 2015, Caitlyn Matena said her vows with Frank Sullivan at The First Presbyterian Church in Rumson, NJ! They followed this up with an amazing reception at Windows on the Water in Sea Bright! We wish we could have been there but fortunately, we had the fabulous Sara on board to photograph it for us. It looks like it was such a fun day! As nice as it is to have our associates photographing weddings for us, we are always a little jealous when a wedding is as nice as this one, and we didn’t get to document the good times ourselves. We just love our job… what can I say?!
Big congratulations go out to Frank and Caitlyn and big thanks as well from all of us here at McKay Imaging! At least Liz and I got to experience your day in photographs! Thanks to Sara for doing such a wonderful job. When it comes to photographers, we sure know how to pick ‘em! : )

Darryl + Ali, Molly Pitcher Inn, Red Bank wedding photographer

1mckay_molly-pitcher-wedding-42Big Congratulations to Ali Neary and Darryl Saucedo who were married at the gorgeous St. Clement Church in Matawan, photographed at the glorious Deep Cut Park in Middletown and celebrated at the fantastically scenic Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank, certainly a winning trifecta of locations for any Jersey wedding!
Darryl and Ali were so sweet and so easy to work with! Thanks so much to you and to your friends and families for that. You were so deserving of the random fireworks show that closed the night out for you, as if it was made to order! May that same kind of good luck continue to light up your lives throughout the years… we hope to see you both again, sometime soon!
All the best,
Bob & Liz McKay

Caren + Joe, Crystal Point Yacht Club wedding

The wedding story of Caren Caterina and Joseph May is one of good humor, of love and of a lot of good luck as well! Caren and her mom Elaine were the first family members that we met as this wedding photo journey of ours began to unfold. They instantly struck us as sooooo incredibly nice, so funny and so… cute! And Mr. Caterina was no different… when we arrived at the hotel for getting ready pictures on the day of the wedding, he greeted us in the hotel lobby in a t-shirt with a bar code on it that read “Scan for Payment”! Is that funny or what? You gotta love these guys! : ) I left Liz there to take pictures with the girls and headed out to meet the groom, Joseph May at The Crystal Point. This quaint and elegant seaside venue is where Joe and his best man were getting ready for all of the wedding day magic that was soon to follow at that very same location. Joe was a real gentleman and what we would come to realize as the day went on, is that this gentle giant of a man loved his bride “completely” and at all times did so with his heart firmly planted on his sleeve! Caren, in return, could not get the smile off of her face! It was so heartwarming to witness, especially knowing what we did about how these two lovebirds had met… by luck. Good luck that is!
Well, when most people think of superstorm Sandy, good luck is not what first comes to mind, unless of course Sandy happened to miss you completely. Well, suffice it to say that it did not miss Caren… but, as if to prove that every cloud does indeed have a silver lining, the Universe was in fact lining Caren up for some unexpected good fortune… for who serendipitously showed up at her door to inspect her construction repairs but Joseph May… her future husband! You’ve gotta love that! A more bittersweet story would be hard to find but of course, as good luck, lots of love and some good humor would have it, by the wedding day, only the sweetness remained!
Thanks so much to Joe & Caren for writing us into your wedding day story. We wish you both a lifetime of continued good fortune!
Ceremony + Reception – Crystal Point Yacht Club, Point Pleasant
Entertainment – Elite
Flowers – Purple Iris
Cinematography – Parasol Video

Katharine + Jennifer, Asbury Park wedding photographer

Ladies and gentlemen; the brides are approaching the starting gate… and they’re off!

We were super excited when Jennifer & Katharine came into the studio and told us that A. they planned to get married B. that the ceremony would happen on the beach, in front of their reception hall, McLoone’s Supper Club in Asbury Park and C. that they wanted their First Look to take place at the fabulous Monmouth Park Race Track! We were not just excited, in fact, we were chomping at the bit! (sorry) : ) And just like the rest of this couple’s wedding day, both the reveal and the portraits at the track delivered all of the joy that they promised!
We had a clue that all of this fun would be coming, though. Just the year before, we had photographed the wedding of Michael Canning and Jennamarie DeVito.. that’s where we met Jen & Katharine. (You can see that wedding by clicking HERE if you like.) During that wedding, we ran roughshod all over Asbury Park and Red Bank doing portraits of the bride and groom and Katharine & Jen were on the very short list of friends (2 to be exact) who got to spend the day riding on the trolly with the bridal party. Good friends that they are, they ran that entire race with us, attending to the bride and groom here and there and sharing in the revelry. Then, quite memorably, they spent the rest of that night partying like there was no tomorrow!
This was a good indicator to us that Jen & Katharine’s wedding would be another unforgettable fun fest from beginning to end and they certainly did not disappoint! The excitement and anticipation as each girl got ready for the big day was palpable; the reveal, incredibly intimate: the ceremony, positively touching for all; the reception, pure, unbridled FUN!
Well, this race has just begun and the finish line is no where in sight! When the other runners are friends and family, everybody wins! Liz and I wish you both all of the best in the years to come! Thank you both so much for including us…2mckay_kj_same-sex-wedding-23mckay_kj_same-sex-wedding-44mckay_kj_same-sex-wedding-15mckay_kj_same-sex-wedding-36mckay_same-sex-wedding_shoes7mckay_same sex wedding_makeup8mckay_kj_same-sex-weding-79mckay_jen_katherine_310mckay_kj_same-sex-weding-511mckay_kj_same-sex-wedding--912mckay_same-sex-wedding_ready-113mckay_same-sex-wedding_ready-5-14mckay_same-sex-wedding_ready-215mckay_kj_same-sex-wedding-813mckay_same-sex-wedding_veil14mckay_same-sex-wedding_mirror15mckay_kj_same-sex-wedding-1016mckay_same-sex-wedding_ready-317mckay_same-sex-wedding_ready-4-17mckay_same-17sex-wedding_-1-monmouth-park18mckay_same-18sex-wedding_-2-monmouth-park19mckay_jen_katherine_120mckay_same-sex_3_monmouth-park21mckay_same-21sex-wedding_1-mrt-portrait22mckay_jen_katherine_622mckay_same-24sex-wedding_3-mrt-portrait23mckay_same-sex-wedding_sibllings25mckay_same-sex_asbury-park-526mckay_same-sex_asbury-park-427mckay_same-sex_asbury-park-628mckay_same-sex_asbury-park-729mckay_jen_katherine_430mckay_same-sex_asbury-park-131mckay_same-sex_asbury-park-232mckay_same-sex_asbury-park-333mckay_same-sex-wedding_asbury-casino34mckay_same-sex-ceremony_asbury-park-235mckay_same-sex-ceremony_asbury-park-136mckay_same-sex-ceremony_asbury-park-337mckay_jen_katherine_238mckay_same-sex-ceremony_asbury-park-539mckay_same-sex-ceremony_asbury-park-440mckay_same sex-wedding_2-beach-ceremony41mckay_same-441sex-wedding_1-beach-ceremony42mckay_same-sex-ceremony_asbury-park-843mckay_same-sex-wedding_beach-144mckay_same-sex-wedding_beach-245mckay_same-sex-ceremony_family-portrait46mckay_mcloones-supper-club-wedding47mckay_mcloones-supper-club-wedding-148mckay_mcloones-supper-club-wedding-249mckay_mcloones-supper-club-wedding-350mckay_mcloones-supper-club-wedding-451mckay_mcloones-supper-club-wedding-652mckay_mcloon52es-supper-club-wedding-1053mckay_mcloones-supper-club-wedding-854mckay_mcloones-supper-club-wedding-955mckay_mcloones-supper-club-wedding-5
Ceremony – Asbury Park beach
Reception McLoone’s Supper Club, Asbury Park
Flowers – Sunset Florist and Bride’s Mom
wedding Invitation – Minted
Wedding Cake – The Chocolate Carousel
Ceremony + Reception Entertainment – This is it!
Wedding Dress – Casablanca, The Barefoot Bride, Red Bank
Bride Shoes – Rachel Simpson, Converse
Transportation – First Student

Nicole + William, Oyster Point Hotel wedding photographers

As the winter of 2016 sets in, we take pleasure in reliving the (warmer) weddings of 2015. This will be a blogging marathon and it all begins with Nikki & Billy!
April 26th 2015 was a bit chilly in the morning, just the way that you would imagine an early Spring day to begin but as Nicole Notaro and Billy Hankers began to prepare for their big day with their family and friends, they could feel everything around them begin to warm. This increasingly beautiful day led them from where they began the day in Red Bank to a sweet & memorable ceremony at Star of the Sea Church in Long Branch; from there for some far less serious moments with portraits on the Pier Village boardwalk and then finally to where things really heated up, The Oyster Point Hotel!
For Liz and I, each and every wedding has something that stands out and this day was no different… we will never forget it!
Billy and Nikki had so much fun that day that when we were leaving at the end of the night, this bride and groom apologized! All we could say was “Thank You!” Thanks for such a great day! We loved meeting your friends and family. Thanks for making us a part of this important day… We forgive you. : )

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