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Christine + John, Molly Pitcher Inn wedding photographer

01red-bank-1_mckayOur wonderful associate Sara photographed Christine & John’s wedding for us this past September 20th. Liz and I were busy photographing the wedding of Joe & Kelly Wicklander on that same day (you can see their blog post, posted just before this one). Although we were not present on the wedding day, I will always remember meeting Christine here at the studio; she was so sweet…

Christine wrote this little “Tid bit” on the subject of her engagment:

John proposed to me the day before Mother’s Day in 2013, as he says to put a smile on my face since my mother recently passed away.
Placing my gorgeous engagement ring in my favorite drink, a mojito while I was dressed in my pajamas. So very memorable!
Then our rush to make all of our wedding arrangements in NJ while planning a move to Houston, TX.

Thank you,
Christine & John Post

We are always a little jealous when our associates photograph a wedding for us that we would have loved to be at. Nice work Sara! Lucky you. As nice as it was to work at Bonnet Island that day, we love John & Christine’s venue, The Molly Pitcher, just as much. We’re not big fans of cloning but it sure would have come in handy on this day. How nice it would have been to be both places at once! : )

Thanks so much to John & Christine for putting your well placed trust in Sara. Our associate photographers always do us proud!02dress_mckay03mckay_post104bouquets_mckay05bride-getting-ready-5_mckay06bride-getting-ready-4_mckay07bride-getting-ready-1_mckay08bride-getting-ready-2_mckay09bride-getting-ready-3_mckay10cufflinks_mckay11groom-getting-ready-2_mckay12groom-getting-ready-1_mckay13groom-getting-ready-3_mckay14groom-getting-ready-4_mckay15mckay_post216church-1_mckay17church-2_mckay18church-3_mckay19church-4_mckay20church-5_mckay21church-6_mckay22church-7_mckay23church10_mckay24church-9_mckay25mckay_post426church-8_mckay27river-side-gardens-1_mckay28river-side-gardens-2_mckay29mckay_post530red-bank-2_mckay31river-side-gardens-4_mckay32river-side-gardens-5_mckay33river-side-gardens-3_mckay34mckay_post335red-bank-4_mckay36red-bank_wow_mckay37molly-pitcher-dock-1_mckay38molly-pitcher-details_mckay39molly-pitcher-party-1_mckay41molly-pitcher-party-3_mckay42molly-pitcher-party-4_mckay43molly-pitcher-party-5_mckay44molly-pitcher-party-10_mcka45molly-pitcher-party-12_mcka46molly-pitcher-party-9_mckay47molly-pitcher-party-8_mckay48molly-pitcher-party-7_mckay49molly-pitcher-party-6_mckay50molly-pitcher-party-11_mcka51red-bank-steets_mckay
Ceremony – Our Lady of Fatima, Piscataway
Reception – The Molly Pitcher Inn, Red Bank
Flowers – Forever Flowers, Piscataway
Cinematography – Project 8, Mark Serrano
Wedding Cake – Ye Olde Pie Shoppe, Little Silver
Ceremony Music – KDK Muzik
Wedding Dress – Vera Wang, David’s Bridal
Bride’s Shoes – J Crew
Boots – Lucchese
Groom’s Wear – Vera Wang, Men’s Wearhouse
Make-Up – Jennifer Delossantos
Hair – Anna Pluhowski, C-touch Salons

Joe + Kelly, Bonnet Island wedding photographer

01bonnet-island-portrait-3_mckay-imagingYou might think that there was nothing extraordinarily challenging about shooting a wedding for a couple as good looking as Joe Wicklander & Kelly Hameline at a location as beautiful as Bonnet Island Estate in Long Beach Island, NJ. Well, if it were any other wedding, you might have been right but this was no ordinary wedding. You see, the brides father, the head coach for the Wagner University football team had postponed a scheduled game in order to attend his daughter’s wedding. This was big news in the sports world and so a network TV station was doing a story on it on the day of the wedding and so, in addition to our usual duties as wedding photographers, we had about a 1/2 hour window to take a nice family photo, download it, retouch it and upload it to the network so they could show the photo on a Jumbotron at a game and include a shot of the Jumbotron in their live broadcast! No pressure there right! : ) Then in the middle of family photos, we all took a break to run in and watch the broadcast on TV, with Liz and I sweating bullets, hoping that the photo had gone through. And… wait for it… touchdown! Maybe even an extra point… : )
Once the network news part of the day was over, Liz and I could settle in and do what we do best, which was to document this beautiful wedding at that spectacular location! Joe & Kelly had both gotten ready right there at Bonnet Island which is always a great idea if you want to keep your wedding day simple and relaxing. They had a sweet first look down on the dock and then did all of their family photos before the ceremony. When Joe & Kelly’s sweet ceremony was over, we did a giant group shot of ALL the guests on the terrace and it was off to the party. Miss!on Dance rocked the house once again, as they do so very well…
Thanks so much to the staff at Bonnet Island for being so good to us and most of all; BIG thanks to the Hameline and Wicklander families for giving us the opportunity to share in this important family day!02mckay_wicklander103bonnet-island-1_mckay-imaging04bonnet-island-8_mckay-imaging05bonnet-island-5_mckay-imaging06bonnet-island-6_mckay-imaging07mckay_wicklander708bonnet-island-9_mckay-imaging09bonnet-island-11_mckay-imaging10bonnet-island-2_mckay-imaging11bonnet-island-12_mckay-imaging12bonnet-island-4_mckay-imaging13bonnet-island-3_mckay-imaging14mckay_wicklander215bonnet-island-7_mckay-imaging16bonnet-island-10_mckay-imaging17bonnet-island-groom_mckay-imaging18bonnet-island-13_mckay-imaging19bonnet-island-14_mckay-imaging20bonnet-island-17_mckay-imaging21bonnet-island-15_mckay-imaging22bonnet-island-18_mckay-imaging23mckay_wicklander524mckay_wicklander325bonnet-island-16_mckay-imaging26grooms-men_mckay-imagingmckay_bonnet-island-nbc-27bonnet-island-ceremony-1_mckay-imaging28bonnet-island-ceremony-12_mckay-imaging29bonnet-island-ceremony-2_mckay-imaging30mckay_wicklander631bonnet-island-ceremony-4_mckay-imaging32bonnet-island-ceremony-3_mckay-imaging33bonnet-island-ceremony-5_mckay-imaging34bonnet-island-ceremony-8_mckay-imaging35bonnet-island-ceremony-6_mckay-imaging36bonnet-island-ceremony-9_mckay-imaging37bonnet-island-ceremony-10_mckay-imagingmckay_bonnet-island-group-38mckay_wicklander439bonnet-island-portrait-1_mckay-imaging40bonnet-island-portrait-4_mckay-imaging41bonnet-island-portrait-2_mckay-imaging42bonnet-island-estate-details_mckay43bonnet-island-wedding-1_mckay-imaging44bonnet-island-wedding-2_mckay-imaging45bonnet-island-wedding-4_mckay-imaging46bonnet-island-wedding-3_mckay-imaging47bonnet-island-wedding-8_mckay-imaging48bonnet-island-wedding-10_mckay-imaging49bonnet-island-wedding-6_mckay-imaging50bonnet-island-wedding-9_mckay-imaging51bonnet-island-wedding-7_mckay-imaging52bonnet-island-wedding-12_mckay-imaging53bonnet-island-wedding-13_mckay-imaging54bonnet-island-sunset_mckay-imaging
Ceremony + Reception – Bonnet Island Estate, Manhawkin
Event Planning + Catering – Merri Makers
Flowers – MDS Floral Design
Wedding Invitation – Spilled Ink Press, Chicago
Wedding Cake – Bake Works
Ceremony Music – La Mer Ensembles
Reception Entertainment – Mission Dance
Wedding Dress – Augustua Jones
Bridesmaids Dresses – Jenny Yoo
Make-Up – Deanna Lewis
Hair – Picture Perfect Wedding Hair

John + Jenessa, Sheraton Hotel, Eatontown Wedding Photographer

Sometimes we wish we could be two places at one time! Such was the case last September 19th. While we were off photographing another wedding (check out the last post), our associate Sara was nearby, stealing our thunder at the wedding of Jenessa Jimenez and John Daly! ; ) We had photographed a wedding for John’s brother Jim Daly just a few years earlier and we were hoping to see the family once more on John & Jenessa’s big day. In any case, it may have been a big day for McKay Imaging but it was an even bigger day for our brides and grooms! As always, Sara (& Dave) did an amazing job and represented well, as you will soon see. Liz and I will just have to live the Daly wedding vicariously through her images…
Big thanks to Jim & Kathleen for hiring us years ago and then referring us (so many times). Even bigger thanks to newlyweds John and Jenessa for keeping with tradition! We wish you the best and hope to see you all again in the near future!
Ceremony – St Mary’s Church, Middletown
Reception – Sheraton, Eatontown
Flowers – Flowers by Melanie
wedding Invitation – Exclusively Weddings
Wedding Cake – Caputo’s
Reception Entertainment – Brian Kirk and the Jirks
Wedding Dress- Bridal Center Boutique
Bride’s Shoes – Nine West
Groom’s Wear – Men’s Wearhouse
Make-Up – Tara Grenato
Transportation – D + G Limos

Amanda + Shane, Windows on the Water wedding photographer

01mckay_capone4First of all, Liz and I would like to thank Marybeth Boorom, our former next door neighbors and wedding clients (see Eric & MB’s wedding here), for introducing us to her workmate Shane Capone and his beautiful bride-to-be, Amanda DeGennaro, whose beautiful beach wedding we photographed just this past September.
From the couple’s “first look” on the pier in Island Heights to their lovely and personal ceremony on the beach at Windows on the Water and then into the reception, where friends and family partied the night away, Amanda & Shane could not get the smiles off of their faces. We are going to let the pictures do the rest of the talking here and as you will see, it was a truly perfect day!
Thanks so much to the DeGennaro and Capone families for making us feel so welcome and big thanks to Amanda and Shane for one of the sweetest reviews we’ve ever had! We just had to share it… (check it out on Wedding Wire by clicking here _”Amanda 09/20/14″).
Shane and Amanda, we wish you both lots of health, happiness and prosperity and look forward to seeing you both again soon…!02mckay_capone103getting-ready1_mckay-imagin04getting-ready3_mckay-imagin05getting-ready2_mckay-imagin06bride-dressing2_mckay-imagi07bride-dressing3_mckay-imagi08bride-dressing1_mckay-imagi09groom-dressing1_mckay-imagi10grooms-men_mckay-imaging11mckay_capone212groom-dressing2_mckay-imagi13first-look1_mckay-imaging14first-look2_mckay-imaging15bridal-party-1_mckay-imagin16bride-groom-2_mckay-imaging17shoes-on-dock_mckay-imaging18mckay_capone319brides-maids_mckayi-imaging20bride-groom-1_mckay-imaging21bride-groom-4_mckay-imaging22mckay_capone623bride-groom_dock_mckay-imag24windows-on-the-water_sea-bright225windows-on-the-water_sea-bright126windows on the water_sea bright327windows-on-the-water_sea-bright428windows-on-the-water_sea-bright729sea-bright-ceremony130windows-on-the-water_sea-bright631windows-on-the-water_sea-bright532windows-on-the-water_sea-bright833sea-bright-ceremony234beach-wedding-5_mckay-imagi35beach-wedding4_mckay-imagin36beach-wedding-3_mckay-imagi37beach-wedding-2_mckay-imagi38beach-wedding-1_mckay-imagi39windows-on-the-water-1_mcka40windows-on-the-water-1_mckay-imaging41windows-on-the-water-4_mckay-imaging42windows-on-the-water-2_mckay-imaging43windows-on-the-water-2_mckay-imaging (1)44windows-on-the-water-3_mckay-imaging45windows-on-the-water-7_mckay-imaging46windows-on-the-water-10_mckay-imaging4717mckay_capone548windows-on-the-water-8_mckay-imaging49windows-on-the-water-11_mckay-imaging50windows-on-the-water-9_mckay-imaging51windows-on-the-water-6_mckay-imaging52sea-bright-beach_mckay-imaging
Ceremony + Reception – Windows on the Water, Sea Bright
Flowers – Flower Station
Wedding Invitation – Holland Designs
Wedding Cake – Chocolate Carousel
Wedding dress – Alfred Angelo
Bride’s Shoes – Kate Spade
Groom’s Wear – Men’s Wearhouse
Make-Up – Dina Gardner
Hair – Joe Spadaro
Transportation – VEI Limo

Lisa + Eric, Clarks Landing Yacht Club wedding photographer

We loved photographing the wedding of Eric Nelson to Lisa Setrin this past Autumn! The couple themselves were super sweet and that is always good but at the reception, we also ran into the parents of a couple of our past brides and grooms, those of Sarah Widman (& Gregg Martinez) as well as the parents of Matthew (& Lindsay Couture) Pess. It seems that all of these couples parents are long time friends! We just love referrals on so many levels; everyone feels comfortable with us already and there is a familiarity that makes us comfortable as well. It was so nice seeing everybody!
If you’re doing a beach wedding on The Jersey Shore, The Ocean Place Resort and Spa is an excellent choice for a spot to get ready. The rooms are big, bright and cheerful and make getting ready fun and for Lisa & Eric, the wide boardwalk and beach right behind the hotel was the perfect location for both their first look and their bridal party photos. And speaking of perfect locations for pictures, Monmouth University was the next stop! Shooting these portraits of Eric & Lisa were easy… they are so good together!
The next and final stop on this big and memorable day was Clarks Landing Yacht Club, certainly one of our favorite choices in venues for both it’s impeccable service, delicious food, it’s bright and beautiful ballroom and splendid water views! This couple seemed to have gotten everything right! Here at Clarks Landing, Lisa and Eric’s guests were treated to an outdoor ceremony that featured, quite memorably, a surprise guest appearance by the Rabbi Seagull!
Then it was time to party, a bigger treat yet and something this couple was quite good at! Thanks so much to the staff at Clark’s for being the perfect hosts. Thanks to Mission Dance for rocking the house and most of all, Thanks to Lisa, Eric and the whole Nelson/Setrin Clan for making the day so nice for everybody. We hope to see all of you again soon; maybe at another wedding on another brilliant day…

02mckay_nelson103ocean-place_2_mckay-imaging04ocean-place_8_mckay-imaging05mckay_nelson206ocean-place_9_mckay-imaging07ocean-place_10_mckay-imaging08mckay_nelson309ocean-place_1_mckay-imaging10ocean-place_7_mckay-imaging11ocean-place_3_mckay-imaging12ocean-plac5_mckay-imaging13ocean-place_6_mckay-imaging14ocean-place_4_mckay-imaging15ocean_place_guys_mckay16ocean_place_first-look2_mck17ocean_place_first_look1_mck18ocean-place_first-look3_mck19ocean-place_beach2_mckay (1)20ocean-place_beach1_mckay21mckay_nelson422ocean-place_beach2_mckay23ocean-place_beach5_mckay24ocean-place_beach4_mckay25monmouth-university4_mckay26monmouth-university6_mckay
Ceremony + Reception – Clarks Landing Yacht Club
Flowers – Peter James
Wedding Invitation – Anna Soiree
Wedding Cake – Bovellas
Entertainment – Mission Dance
Wedding Dress – Maggie Sottero
Groom’s Wear – Tommy Hilfiger
Make-Up + Hair – Jon Lori
Transportation – Long Branch Trolley

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