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Catherine + Joe, Westmount Country Club wedding photographer

Just last October, we were photographing Joseph & Catherine’s Engagement photos in Red Bank. That day seems like only yesterday. Then, along came June 29th, 2014 and we found ourselves photographing their wedding day as well and that day seems like such a long time ago now! Every bride and groom tells us that their wedding day goes by so fast and that the entire day can seem like a blur. It’s not just great to have pictures of it all, it’s essential! The photos help us all to remember the beautiful details of the day, in this case the friends and family that were there to help Catherine and Joe get ready, the grand wedding ceremony at St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral in Metuchen and the elegant and classy reception at The Westmount Country Club… and that sunset!!!
Here is Catherine & Josephs story told in photographs, immediately followed by a link where you can read their love story (and see their engagement shots).
Congratulations to Joe & Catherine… Our hope, as always, is that these photographs will help you and your family to remember what a fantastic day it was, for many years to come!2mckay_bride-make-up3mckay_bride-details4mckay_dress5mckay_bride-dressing6mckay_bride-dressed'7mckay_flower-girl8mckay_first-look9mckay_door-way10mckay_groom-dressing11mckay_rings12mckay_grooms-men13mckay_bridal-portrait-1<14mckay_bridal-portrait-215mckay_bridal-portrait-316mckay_bride-and-grandma17mckay_imaging_bride-house18mckay_rolls-royce19mckay_leaving-for-church20mckay_bride-in-limo22mckay_bride-veil23mckay_maid-of-honor24mckay_church-detail25mckay_church-aisle26mckay_bride-aisle27mckay_st-francis-of-assisi-28mckay_stfrancisofassisi-2-29mckay_stfrancisofassisi-330mckay_stfrancisofassisi-531mckay_stfrancisofassisi-632mckay_stfrancisofassisi-733mckay_bridal-party34mckay_rolls-royce-235mckay_bride-groom-limo36mckay-brides-maids237westmount-country-club-wed638westmount-country-club-wed-39mckay_grooms-men-240westmount-country-club-wed241westmount-country-club-wed342westmount-country-club-wed443westmount-country-club-wed844westmount-country-club-wed945westmount-wedding-details46westwood-cc-wedding-147westwood-cc-wedding-248westwood-cc-wedding-349westwood-cc-wedding-550westwood-cc-wedding-851westwood-cc-wedding-952westwood-cc-wedding-6

Read their love story here

Ceremony – St Francis of Assisi, Metuchen
Reception – Westmount Country Club, Woodland Park
Flowers – Santos Florist, Newark, Centerpieces: Atlas Florist
Cinematography – PF Films, Montclair
Wedding Invitation – Little Black Dress Paperie, Bernardsville
Wedding Cake – Palermos’s Bakery
Ceremony Music – Rosemarie Gazaleh, Cantor; Thomas DeLessio, Organist
Reception Entertainment – Gemini DJ’s
Wedding Dress – Pronovias
Veil – Carolina Herrera
Head piece – Maria Elena
Bride’s Shoes – Kate Spade
Groom’s Wear – Cozy Tuxedo
Hair – Liz Vandenbos, Hair + Us
Transportation – Action Limousine

Favors – Lenox

Jacki + Kevin, Washington Square, New York engagement portrait

A Blessing in Disguise…

When Jacki Bideau & Kevin Bostel booked their wedding with us in June of 2013, we wasted no time planning an early Autumn engagement portrait at Washington Square Park in Manhattan. One thing led to another and life being what it is, busy and unruly, one by one our dates got pushed back. Then finally, one day last November, we had it all worked out. It was to be a beautiful Sunday afternoon and we loaded up the car for a fun New York City photo shoot.
We were a little gun shy from all of the postponements so Liz kept checking the weather all the way up and her smartphone showed nothing but sunshine. We arrived early, had a bite to eat and walked over to the park. When we came out of the restaurant, we realized that the sky had grown a bit dark. Obsessively, and in spite of the obvious, we checked our phones again and saw nothing but sunshine. Soon, we were standing beneath the arch at the gateway to the park. The wind began to pick up and as the happy couple approached it began to rain. Well, we all stood there under the shelter of the arch, a little confused and a little bit windblown and wet, staring at the little sunny symbols on our “smart”phones in disbelief! Needless to say, we were missing our window of opportunity just before sunset… but every dark cloud of course has a silver lining!
The Winter passed, cold and snowy but when Spring arrived, we made another date! When Liz and I walked into the park and saw the green trees, the flowers blooming and the liveliness of the park in Spring, we knew that that phantom Fall storm had been a blessing in disguise, a hint from the universe that maybe we should wait to photograph this couple when the city looked much more vibrant! I’ We’re so glad that we waited and will try to remember that whenever something doesn’t work out exactly as you planned, something better may be waiting just around the corner…
Speaking of something better; we can’t wait for your Clark’s Landing Yacht Club wedding day, this coming September!

Sara + Gary wedding

1mckay_bride-groom_3_backJust a few short weeks ago, Liz and I (and many others as well) photographed the wedding of Sara Stadtmiller to Gary Mellon. Weddings are always special days but this was an extraordinary wedding day, as you will see; one that was very untraditional and well, very… Sara. : ) We should know… we’ve known Sara for almost 20 years now!
Liz and Sara and I all met each other at about the same time, in pretty much exactly the same place, when we were all in our Brookdale Community College days. In those days, we were all trying to figure out if we wanted to become photographers (which we all did), we were working on developing our styles (and still are by the way) and were admiring and supporting each others work. This, as it turns out, was a great foundation for the love, friendship and working relationships that we all now enjoy with each other. So here Liz and I were, some 20 years later, photographing our good friend Sara’s wedding to her wonderful new husband, Brooklyn based sculptor, Gary Mellon, in which they became “The Stadtmellons”!
So, although 20 years may seem like a long time to know somebody, it turns out that Gary and Sara have known each other since the 7th GRADE! The story goes that they met way back when while living with their families in Michigan, where Sara’s father, the talented Craig Stadtmiller still resides. Then, many years after Sara left the state of a 1000 lakes for the suburbs of New York City, Gary’s sister calls Sara and asks, “My brother just moved to Brooklyn. Why don’t you go up there and take him out on a date?” The rest, as they say, is history! Sorry Sara if I don’t have that story exactly right but it’s my story now and I’m sticking to it. : )
But enough of revisionist history! Let’s fast forward back to the Summer of 2014, in particular, the Stadtmellon’s Wedding Day…
That day began in perhaps the most untraditional way possible, with the bride and groom to be, getting ready “TOGETHER” in the Asbury Park apartment of musician/artist, Robert “Bink” Ryan. The eclectic vibe of this space was certainly the perfect backdrop for this exceptionally creative couple to relax in, creating an atmosphere in which they could prepare, both mentally and physically, for the wonderful day that was to come… and what a day it was!

Thinking back on this wedding, Liz and I are enthralled by how stimulating it was to all of our senses. The entire day was a DYI dream come true, expertly pulled off by a conglomeration of talented and enthusiastic family and friends who all chipped in to make the day perfect in every way. I don’t even know where to begin to tell this story and I’m sure that I’ll miss something but lets start with the ceremony because not only did their good friend Robert Ryan provide a space for the Stadtmellons to get ready for their wedding but he was their officiant as well, presiding over a very personal East Indian inspired ceremony in which he chanted Sanskrit verse, sang tenderly and played the very exotic sounding Shruti Box; all of this, beneath an arbor designed and constructed by the Groom himself and located in a pretty little wooded area of the yard! But I’m getting a little ahead of myself here because the guests, many of whom had arrived by school bus, right after being serenaded by a duet of banjo and bowed wood saw, had the added treat of watching Gary & Sara process into the ceremony with their bridal party and families behind a 5-piece Mummer band! The recessional was just as eventful and the happy onlookers tossed paper marigold petals at the parade in an expression of their joy; both in what they had just witnessed and in anticipation of the fantastic party to come!
Liz and I were really excited about the party as well because this was the time when we were supposed to “put down our cameras and pick up a beer”! We knew that we would never be able to totally put down our cameras but we did try pretty hard knowing that the party was photographically in good hands with professionals and good friends, Jen Rutherford and David Appel. Dave and Jen, you may have worked late but we got up early! It was great hanging out with you! Oh and please don’t post any photos of me dancing! : ) The same goes for you, Mike and Billy of Moon Lasso Productions who, as part of this gigantic volunteer army of friends, documented the entire day in video and black and white, Super 8 film! I can’t wait to see it (except of course the parts where I am dancing).
This reception, visually speaking, was a splendid result of months of work and planning. Day after day, friend and family plotted and schemed, building the infrastructure, painting signs, running electric. prepping for tents, planting hundreds of marigolds and manufacturing about a hundred more out of paper for decorations (these paper beauties, affectionately nicknamed “poofs”). During all this time, Sara’s mother and stepfather, Pat and Bob Abbott, oversaw it all and being that this was all taking place at their happy home, when the big day arrived they also graciously hosted. The food was truly delicious, catered both by the fabulous Joey Leone’s of Point Pleasant and of course by Pat Abbott herself. And why choose between a band or a DJ when you can have both! The Ribeye Brothers took the stage with a unique presence that is all their own, at first with Sara’s dad Craig on keyboards and vocals for some classics and later, by themselves with some of their hard-edged original tunes. Is it dance music? It sure was that night! And when the band tuckered out and wanted to eat and drink some more, the DJs took over until the wee hours, when school busses lined up to take the elated crowds, now full of Day’s Ice Cream, back to a place where they could only dream of one day having another day just like this one. Dream on people; dream on…
All of this beneath a full moon! True story… and we have pictures to prove it!

We are so grateful to everyone who pitched in to make this day so very memorable to all who attended. Mostly however, we are really happy to be one of Sara and Gary’s many friends and so glad to have been among the other talented professionals who helped to document this day. We want to give a big shout out to Sara’s sister Rachel as well. Rachel, you are not only a great sister to our dear friend Sara but perhaps the world’s best Matron of Honor! You did a stellar job! Tell us… who was responsible for that full moon?

Finally, big congratulations to Gary and Sara, The Stadtmellons! We are so happy for you both and wish you a lifetime of Health, Prosperity and Happiness…

Pat Abbott - August 1, 2014 - 9:55 am

So magical . You certainly captured the love and harmony of the day. Love you both xoxo

Jennamarie + Michael, Oyster Point wedding photographer


So, it was the perfect local LOVE story: two Red Bank Regional teachers meet, fall in love and marry! … but there is a bit more to tell than that, of course. Jennamarie DeVito & Michael Canning had a perfect Wedding Day! And it wasn’t just that the weather was absolutely perfect, it was just … EVERYTHING!
For Liz and I it was a perfectly “long” day as well. I don’t think that any couple in the last 20 years has taken us around to more locations for pictures… to all the places that they have loved… together. It was really a lot of fun for us. After a very cool “first look” in the atrium of the beautiful Oyster Point Hotel, we rode with them in the trolley, the whole long way, making a beeline for Asbury Park for photos at the Casino, the Carousel, The Stone Pony, the Boardwalk, Convention Hall, and The Wonder Bar (did I miss anything?). Oh yeah… somewhere in-between all of this, there was a WEDDING!… and then we shot more photos on Broad Street in Red Bank (an Abbey Road shot, a stroll through town and then under the Reusille’s clock), then it was back on the trolley for photos at The Broadway Diner (now a piece of Red Bank history) and the lawn of the Red Bank Library on the Navesink River. All of that wasn’t even tiring for Liz and I… it was invigorating because this couple really loved these places and their love was infectious! Like I said, it was all just perfect and offered us lots of great opportunities for fun pictures!
Then it was off to The Oyster Point. What can I say about wedding receptions at the Oyster Point Hotel that I haven’t said before. It is such a stunning and unique location with one of the most beautiful views in the entire state; the perfect venue for Mike and Jennamarie, who are just so stylish and detail oriented. Their guests were just floored by the beauty and casual elegance of it all, just as we always are every time we go there. Just in case the stunning views and thoughtful details weren’t enough excitement for everybody, Mike & Jennamarie threw one helluva party to boot, which came to a crescendo when the Groom guest DJ-ed with the always ready-to-party Sounds to Go DJs.
Well, if you were there, you know why we’re so excited about this wedding (which, as we mentioned briefly before, actually did happen at St. James Church, somewhere in between all of this fun and partying). We think that Michael and Jennamarie are just perfect together and we are so happy to have been selected to be a part of their big day. Congratulations and thanks so much for everything! We hope that you enjoy looking at your photos as much as we enjoyed taking them…
Ceremony – St James, Red Bank
Reception – The Oyster Point Hotel, Red Bank
Flowers – Brennan’s, Florist and Fine Gifts
Wedding Invitation – Anna Soiree
Wedding Cake – Ye Olde Pie Shoppe
Ceremony Music – Diane Testa
Reception Entertainment – Sounds To Go DJ’s
Wedding Dress – Casablanca, The Barfoot Bride, Red Bank
Bride’s Shoes – Mia
Groom’s Wear – Calvin Klein X-fit suit
Bow Tie – Just Madras Bow Ties
Shoes – Cole Haan
Transportation – Long Branch Trolley

Aly + Ryan, Giando On The Water, Brooklyn wedding photographer


OK; Alabama may be a “sweet home” as Lynyrd Skynyrd so famously pointed out so many years ago… but HEY, this is NEW YORK! And to the best of our knowledge, that is why Alabama boy, Ryan Tallman made his way to the big city some time ago and it is also why he asked Jersey Girl, Aly Miller to marry him in The Big Apple!… And so the wedding day came to pass… in a big way, I might add!
When we got the call last October, from Aly’s mother Cindy, telling us that they had been to the wedding of Gary & Sarah Goldsmith just a month earlier and that we came so highly recommended that they just wanted to book the date, we were very excited! We don’t get to shoot much in NYC and we’d never had the opportunity to shoot in beautiful Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The venue, Giando on the Water was a really splendid place and as you will see in the pictures, it has a commanding view of Manhattan as well as the glorious Williamsburg Bridge!
But we are jumping the gun a bit here. The day began of course with getting ready, a little impromptu rehearsal in the hotel room and a first look at the formidable Brooklyn Bridge Marriot. There was a cute little walkway that we exploited for the first look and some family photos and then it was off to Giando. This venue, situated right on the East River just a stone’s throw from the bridge, is almost hidden from the road… but you don’t want to miss it! It may appear unassuming from the front but don’t be fooled; once inside, you’ll be taken aback by the elegance of the place; and once you see the view, you’ll feel like there’s almost no place you’d rather be at that moment.
The day and night passed with a continuously ongoing series of memorable events!… the unseasonably brilliant sunlight of the day, the stunning views, a miraculous hand-cut Ketubah, a sunset ceremony on the river with a Manhattan backdrop and a rocking and rollicking reception, overseen by the fantastic East Coast Band! The party itself was seasoned with it’s own remarkable moments as well, like the bride dancing with her father to a Grateful Dead melody and half of the seats emptying out onto the dance floor when the band broke into “Sweet Home Alabama”.
Thanks so much to the Miller family for believing in us and the Tallman family for that fine southern hospitality. We are so happy that we all came together for this one great day in New York City!


Ceremony + Reception – Giando on the Water, Brooklyn, NY
Flowers – Madison Florist
Wedding Invitation – Printer’s Stationary Inc, Alabama
Ceremony + Reception Entertainment – East Coast Band, New York
Wedding Dress – Caroline DeVillo
Bride’s Shoes – Jimmy Choo
Groom’s Wear – Black Suits
Make-Up – Lily Skuthan
Hair – Jacquie de la Rosa

Jenn - July 18, 2014 - 11:40 pm

Love these pics and how amazing you both look!! Can’t wait to see more and hear all about it when I get back from California!
xo Jenn

Gloria Clayborne Mance - July 18, 2014 - 10:56 pm

Such a beautiful wedding and event.

Aunt Patty - July 9, 2014 - 10:16 am

Great pictures!!
Love, Aunt Patty

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