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Shade + Ed, Clarks Landing wedding photographer

“Stickshifts and safety-belts
Bucket seats have all got to go
When we’re driving
In the car
It makes my baby seem so far
I need you here with me
Not way over in a bucket seat
I need you to be here with me
Not way over in a bucket seat”

When we heard the groom singing these words to his bride during their January wedding reception at Clarks Landing, it made us feel really good. We had been feeling really good all day but these few moments of song were indeed the sweet, sweet culmination to Ed & Shade’s perfectly unique wedding day!
We guessed that this couple was somehow special right away when at our very first meeting, they told us that their Persian inspired wedding ceremony would take place on the stage of the fabulous Paramount Theater in Asbury Park, NJ. When the wedding day finally did arrive on January 3rd, our suspicions were confirmed when we strolled into Asbury’s Berkley Hotel for getting ready photos and Ed was in his hotel room, 3-D printing his groomsman’s gifts! I have to say, no matter how many years we do this wonderful job… no matter how many times we think we’ve seen it all, there is always something new to see! Thanks Ed & Shade for helping us keep it fresh. : )
And this beautiful rainy day went on just like that with one lovely surprise after another. For instance, if someone had described the setting to you, you could not begin to imagine how beautifully the Paramount stage was decorated for this event. When the giant curtains opened to reveal the lush Sofre-ye-Aghd to their family and friends, all were stunned. It was a sight soon to be overshadowed however by this exquisite bride walking down the long theater isle with her father. The ceremony, rife with exotic ritual and steeped in ancient tradition, was not the final surprise for their guests however and certainly not for us… for when the ceremony was over and it was time for some portraits, the bride asked us if we would mind photographing them on the boardwalk… in the rain! I think she was afraid that we may not have wanted to go but she had no idea how long we have been waiting to hear that very question. We are basically up for anything and have always wanted to do just that so out onto the rainy boardwalk we went. Thanks Ed and Shade for helping us keep it fresh. Did I say that already?
By the time we arrived at the reception at Clark’s Landing, I couldn’t imagine being surprised yet again… that is until the guests were seated, the lights went down and a belly dancer stepped onto the dance floor for a breathtaking 15 minute show! Oh yeah and did I mention that Ed jumped up with the band and sang a Cake song! Really… What a great day! Thanks to Ed and Shade for helping up to keep it fresh! : )

I need you here with me
Not way over in a bucket seat
I need you to be here with me
Not way over… in a bucket seat

Ceremony – Paramount Theater, Asbury Park
Reception – Clarks Landing Yacth Club, Point Pleasant
Flowers – Katy Did
Cinematography – Ben Miller
wedding Invitatiion –
Wedding Cake – Bovella’s
Entertainment – Mission Dance
Wedding Dress – Lucksmee Warren
Groom’s Wear – Tux Vip
Make-Up – Eve
Transportation – A1 Limousine
Belly Dance Artist – Yuliya Dancer

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