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McKay Imaging in Modern Bride!

We are very happy to announce that one of our weddings, that of Ted Fiore and Tara Nattini, has been recently published in Modern Bride Magazine! Tara is a VIP at Anna Maier-Ulla Maija Couture, a very exclusive bridal gown designer in NYC. Her director, Charles W. Bunstine II designed her bridal gown, her evening gown, and the bridesmaid dresses personally. Both Martha Stewart and Modern Bride wanted to publish the wedding but Modern Bride won out. Big thanks to Ted, Tara, and Modern Bride.
Please click on the picture below to see the spread!

Audra + Dan, The Newark Club, New Jersey wedding photographer

Audra and Dan’s wedding, in December of 2008 was our last wedding of the season. For us, it is always a time of celebration, a time when we feel that we are closing out another successful year and looking forward to the year to come. We were, however, looking forward to this wedding for a couple of other reasons as well; not only were Dan & Audra really nice and very cool but they love photography and we’re about to have a really fun and beautiful wedding. 

We started at their homes with getting ready shots, Liz, with Audra and the girls and I, with Dan and the boys. The soon-to-be bride and groom made it clear at the house, that it was just as important to shoot the dogs as anything else so we had fun getting both species looking good for the camera. Then it was off the the new ST. MARY’S CHURCH in Middletown for the a beautiful ceremony in the round. Audra, really, really wanted some pictures in DEEP CUT PARK so we dashed away from the church, racing the sun and braving the chilly weather, just in time to get some awesome shots. But the cherry on the cake was the reception at THE NEWARK CLUB. From the 22nd floor, the lights of the city melded with candlelight and twinkling Christmas lights to create a stunning backdrop for a very memorable party. 

Did I mention that we have the best job in the world? Thanks so much to Dan, Audra and their families for treating us so well and helping us to close out the year right!

Elizabeth & Michael

Elizabeth & Michael got hitched right on the border. No, I don’t mean Mexico. The ceremony was at a beautiful church in Ramsey, NJ; and then, the celebration took place, just a 1/2 hour away, in TUXEDO PARK, NY. If you’ve never been there, you’re not alone. It’s a gated community with more than 300 gorgeous homes on 3 lovely lakes. Mark Twain used to “Summer” there, for cryin’ out loud! The Tuxedo Park clubhouse was the perfect setting for a wedding party, it was a perfect day and a perfectly great time was had by all; Liz and I included. : )


For those who didn’t realize it, we have been photographing all of the covers for “Living In Marlboro”, “Living In Holmdel” and more recently, “LIving In The Jersey Shore” magazines for a few years now. It’s always so much fun and we really meet a lot of interesting people and the last group of covers were certainly no exception. In the course of a week, we discussed the weather with NBC News’ weekend meteorologist, SALLY ANN MOSEY; sang a chorus of “Hound Dog” with LEE “ELVIS” HALPERN; and danced to YMCA with Asbury Park’s own, FELIPE ROSE of The Village People! Oh yeah, we also took some pictures…Man, we love our job!