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Cake in Brooklyn

This past Wednesday we launched our new web site and calls started coming in. One of the calls was from Aimee Ellingsen. We had photographed Aimee’s wedding to Chuck Krekelberg on the roof of [Cooper Union]( way back in 1997. It was so nice to hear her voice. They had migrated all over the country since their marriage and are now settled in Ashville, North Carolina. Aimee runs [CAKE](, a web design company and was spending some time in Brooklyn with her co-workers, Thais, Jennipher and Veronika. She asked us to come to her friend Kora’s apartment and shoot a portrait of the girls all together. We love traveling and NYC and so we rose to the occasion. Here are some shots from the journey and the photoshoot. Enjoy.

Shea Antonio

Congratulations to Rosa and Liam on their first baby boy! We took these shots of Shea ealier today – can you believe he is only 1 month old?
Rosa and Shea are our neighbors downstairs. Mom owns a really cool clothing store:
[Bella Mystique](