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Katherine + Brad, Barnes Barn, New York wedding photographer

In September of 2011 we photographed the wedding of Marla Goldsmith to Sean Williams. It was a fantastic day of a million great pictures of as many great moments! I guess that the family agreed because when it came time for Marla’s brother Gary Goldsmith to tie the knot with Sarah Sommers, they called us again and in September of 2013, we found ourselves driving to Roxbury, NY to photograph their nuptials at the lovely Stone Tavern Farm! That’s where we met another handsome couple who were there as friends of the bride and groom, Brad Gallant and Katie Dittmer. As you may have already guessed, Brad and Katie loved all of those photos so much that they asked us to photograph their wedding in North Brookfield, NY on August 29th, 2015, exactly one year ago today… Happy 1st Anniversary Brad & Katie!!!
This adventure began with a 5 hour car ride and a hotel stay in the cute little college town of Hamilton, NY (home of Colgate University and one of the best little brew pubs I’ve ever been to). The next day, we found ourselves doing a bundle of our favorite things all at once… Seeing new and beautiful locations, taking pictures and seeing a lot of warm and familiar faces! Thanks for that, Brad & Katie!
The getting ready pictures took place in Hamilton and then it was off to the big event at Barnes Barn… The barn itself would be the scene for the reception later in the day but first of course came the first look, some family portraits and the beautiful ceremony, all atop a hill on the same piece of property but a full 5 minute ride from the barn, at the Barnes family home! The ceremony was amazing with the valley and hills as its backdrop.
Then of course it was time to party! A talented bluegrass band set the mood at the cocktail hour and even the groom chimed in with a serenade for his new bride… Go Brad! Brad was not bad!
Later friends and family settled into the barn for a family style dinner, a cookie bar and a good local brew or two while the DJ set quite a different mood…
Happy Anniversary Brad & Katie!!! Thanks so much for taking us along on your big adventure! We’re so glad we got to share a drink with you around the bonfire at nights end…
Ceremony + Reception – Barnes Barn, New York
Caterer – Michael’s Fine Foods + Spirits
Event Planning – Festive Planning
Flowers – Mother of the Bride
Wedding Invitation – KC Witherell
Reception Entertainment – DJ Joel Davis
Cocktail Entertainment – The Carolina Gents
Wedding Dress- Selia Yang (The Bridal Garden)
Bride’s Shoes – Nine West
Groom’s Wear – J. Crew
Make-Up + Hair – Amanda Morales
Transportation – Bernie’s Bus

Susie + John, Married 8.22.2015, Clark Landing Yacht Club wedding photographer

John Jasio married Susie Karykous one year ago today! Happy anniversary! We hope you are still honeymooning somewhere…!
Thinking back, I’m not sure what that best part of their wedding day was; the entire day was interesting and beautiful and different and stunning and… fun! Maybe it was the exotically beautiful Egyptian bride, the groomsmen’s sunglasses, the elaborate Christian Orthodox Church, the crowns, the capes or the bubbles! Perhaps it was the suspenders, the veil or the peaceful sunset over the river. Come to think of it, it was probably the beautiful details that filled the Clark’s Landing ballroom and the way that John and Susie seemed to literally dance on a cloud! But more than likely it was the photo booth costumes, the belly dancer and the sparklers! Like I said… We can’t decide!
Happy Anniversary John & Susie! We hope your having nearly as good of a day today as well!02mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-203mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-104mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-305mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-1006mckay_getting-ready07mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-1108mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-1209mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-610mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-511mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-412mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-813mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-714mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-915mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-4016mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-1417mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-1318mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-1519mckay_church20mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-1621mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-1722mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-1823mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-1924mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-2025mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-2126mckay_spring-lake-227mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-2228mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-2329mckay_spring-lake-130mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-2450-mckay_spring-lake-wedding32mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-2633mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-2734mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-2835mckay_clarks-landing-236mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-2937mckay_clarks-landing-338mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-3039mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-3140mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-3241mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-3342mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-3443mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-3544mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-3745mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-3846mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-3947mckay_clarks-landing-wedding-3648mckay_clarks-landing-149mckay_clarks-landing-4
Ceremony – Arch Angel Michael Church, Howell
Reception – Clarks Landing Yacht Club
Flowers – Something Nice
Cinematography – Fresh New Angle
Wedding Invitation – Judi Levine/Family Affairs
Wedding Cake – Bovellas
Wedding Dress – Allure Bridals
Grooms Wear – Vera Wang
Make-Up – Lush Artistry
Hair – Schwartz Salon
Transportation – D+G Limousine

Melissa + Kyle, Diamond Mills, New York wedding photographer

As we have said, time and time again, there are few things we like more than photographing a wedding for a friend and seeing a lot of friendly and familiar faces on the big day! Destination weddings come in at a close second to that as one of our favorite things. When those two things come together… well, that’s perfection… but those 2 details were just a couple of the reasons why the wedding of Melissa Maxted to Kyle Thompson, one year ago today, was such a wonderful day for us. You see, their wedding day marked the third time that we’d had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Melissa!
We’ve known Melissa since she was a teenager. Her very creative folks, mother Megan Perendeville and super step dad Mike Harper have been friends of ours for many years, not to mention our very favorite picture framers. Many years ago, Mike and Megan hired us to photograph the kids (Melissa and her brother) and we did a stunning night portrait of them in the streets of Red Bank. We liked that one so much that Liz still has a print of it hanging in her office. That was the first time… Some years later, Mike and Megan called on us once again, this time to recreate a classic art masterpiece with photography that they could use as a Thanksgiving card for their business, Frame to Please. We chose the classic “Freedom from Want” by Norman Rockwell and Melissa one again served as a model! You can see that image by clicking HERE. Second shot of Melissa… in the bag!
Fast forward to April 2015 and Melissa is sitting in our office discussing photography for her August 14th wedding at The Diamond Mills Hotel in beautiful downtown Saugerties New York! Well, as you will soon see when you look at the pictures, the third time was a charm!
Thanks so much to both families for bringing us “over the border” to celebrate with you and document your big day. Thanks for the very fun rehearsal dinner and the beautiful, emotional wedding day. We wish you both a very Happy 1st Anniversary and the very best in the years to come!02mckay_diamone-mills-103mckay_diamone-mills-204mckay_diamone-mills-305mckay_diamond-mills_1006mckay_diamond-mills_1207mckay_diamone-mills-408mckay_diamone-mills-509mckay_diamond-mills_1310mckay_diamond-mills_1411mckay_MT_1000bw12mckay_diamond-mills_1513mckay_diamond-mills_1914mckay_diamone-mills-915mckay_diamone-mills-716mckay_diamone-mills-617mckay_diamone-mills-818mckay_diamond-mills_1719mckay_diamond-mills_1620mckay_diamond-mills_1821mckay_diamond-mills_2022mckay_diamond-mills_2523mckay_diamond-mills_2324mckay_diamond-mills_ceremon25mckay_MT_101526mckay_diamond-mills_2227mckay_diamond-mills_2628mckay_diamond-mills_2429mckay_diamond-mills_2131mckay_diamond-mills_2932mckay_diamond-mills_2833mckay_diamond-mills_2734mckay_Saugerties_waterfall35mckay_MT_101036mckay_diamond-mills_3137mckay_MT_1017bw38mckay_diamond-mills_3339mckay_diamond-mills_3440mckay_diamond-mills_3641mckay_diamond-mills_3742mckay_diamond-mills_3843mckay_diamond-mills_3944mckay_diamond-mills_4145mckay_diamond-mills_4246mckay_diamond-mills_4647mckay_diamond-mills_4448mckay_diamond-mills_3549mckay_dm_photobooth50mckay_diamond-mills_4051mckay_diamond-mills_4552mckay_diamond-mills_4353mckay_diamond-mills_4754mckay_diamond-mills_4855mckay_MT_1032

Kristen + Dylan, Married 7.25.2015, Molly Pitcher Inn, Red Bank


First off all we want to say Happy 1st Anniversary to to Dylan & Kristen Gandossy! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to take all of these beautiful wedding pictures!
We can’t say it enough… there is nothing we love more than when a family asks us to photograph every single one of their children’s weddings. There is really no greater compliment for a wedding photographer! Big thanks to Bruce & Nina Johnson for that!
Way back in 2007, we had the privilege of working with big sister Nicole, for her wedding to Matt Merklinger at what was then The Ocean Place Hilton. That’s where we met Nicole’s sister Kristen. Shortly thereafter, we did portraits of the entire family on the beach… then maternity photos and baby pictures, more than once! Time marches on…
…Fast forward to 2014 and there we are, talking to Kristen & Dylan about photographing their own wedding on July 25th, 2015. Just like her sister, Kristen tied the knot at the lovely St. Leo’s in Lincroft. With some things, tradition is important. Unlike Nicole however, Kristen took the party to Red Bank and the fabulous Molly Pitcher Inn on The Navesink River….and party then did! It was another wonderful night on the water with family and friends.
Tradition… it’s important to Liz and I as well… and we love when our photography becomes somewhat of tradition in someone else’s home. As we said, we really can’t think of any better compliment. There may be no more weddings coming up for the Johnson family but we look forward to the many milestones to come. For today however, we want to wish a happy, happy Anniversary to Kristen & Dylan!02mckay_molly-103mckay_molly_1104mckay_molly_1204mckay_mollypitcher_1305mckay_mollypitcher_1906mckay_mollypitcher_2207mckay_mollypitcher_2308mckay_mollypitcher_2109mckay_mollypitcher_1510mckay_mollypitcher_1611mckay_mollypitcher_1812mckay_mollypitcher_1713mckay_mollypitcher_2014mckay_mollypitcher_1415mckay_mollypitcher_2616mckay_mollypitcher_2717mckay_mollypitcher_2418mckay_mollypitcher_2820mckay_mollypitcher_2921mckay_mollypitcher_3022mckay_mollypitcher_3123mckay_stleos_124mckay_stleos_325mckay_stleos_926mckay_stleos_427mckay_stleos_728mckay_stleos_1029mckay_stleos_830mckay_stleos_631mckay_molly-1032mckay_molly-533mckay_deepcut-gardens_134mckay_molly-935mckay_deepcut-gardens_636mckay_molly-337mckay_molly-838mckay_deepcut-gardens_339mckay_molly-240mckay_deepcut-gardens_241mckay_deepcut-gardens_742mckay_deepcut-gardens_443mckay_deepcut-gardens_544mckay_molly-pitcher_3446mckay_molly-pitcher_3247mckay_molly-pitcher_3548mckay_molly-pitcher_3650mckay_molly-pitcher_3851mckay_molly-pitcher_4152mckay_molly-pitcher_4253mckay_molly-pitcher_3954mckay_molly-pitcher_4055mckay_molly-pitcher_4756mckay_molly-pitcher_4457mckay_molly-pitcher_4658mckay_molly-pitcher_4359mckay_molly-7

Michael + Melissa, Married 6.27.2015, Oyster Point Hotel, Red Bank

Ceremony + Reception – The Oyster Point Hotel, Red Bank
Flowers – Sickles Market
Video – Hurricane
Wedding Invitation – Kleinfeld’s Paper
Wedding Cake – Ye Olde Pie Shoppe
Entertainment – Faze 4 Orchestras
Wedding Dress – Kleinfeld, Maggie Sottero
Bride’s Shoes – Stuart Weitzman
Groom’s Wear – Hugo Boss
Hair + Make-Up – Hot Mess Studio