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Maryellen + John, Rumson Country Club wedding

Some might think that the most impressive thing about John & Maryellen’s wedding is that the ceremony took place at the beautiful St. George’s by the River. As nice as that, in and of itself is, I was most impressed that we were actually allowed to take photographs in the church that day.! Anyone who has ever attended a wedding there knows that photos are not permitted during the ceremony, at all. So… somebody knew somebody… that was cool. : )
Others might think that the most impressive thing about the wedding of Maryellen Vanecek to John Perrine is that the reception took place inside the swanky new Riverhouse at The Rumson Country Club but to me the most beautiful thing about that space is just outside and the spectacular views it offers of the Shrewsbury River. A fine choice for certain, on all counts.
All in all however, I think that Liz and I were most impressed by how close we felt to many of the people in attendance and how warmly we were treated. In years gone by, we had photographed the weddings of John’s two brothers, first Charlie (to Vanessa) in July of 2007 and then Edward (to Kristine) in July of 2012. In all of that time we have gotten to know many of the friends and family members quite well and it was such a comfortable feeling to be with so many of them on that day. It was so wonderful to be “invited back” once again to capture the day in photos! Thank you Etel (a.k.a. mom) for that! Etel, I loved taking those photos of you and your three boys in your back yard for the third time!!!
Liz and I always say that we have one of the best jobs on earth and it’s people like the Perrines, the Vaneceks, the Picciottos and the Campanellis that contribute so much to making our lives so sweet…
<3, Bob & Liz McKay02mckay_molly-pitcher-prep-103mckay_perrine204mckay_perrine305mckay_molly-pitcher-prep-206molly-pitcher_bride-prep-207molly-pitcher_bride-prep-308molly-pitcher_bride-prep-409mckay_rings10mckay_groom-prep-411mckay_groom-prep-512mckay_groom-prep-313mckay_groom-prep-214mckay_groom-prep-115molly-pitcher_bride-prep-716molly-pitcher_bride-prep-517molly-pitcher_bride-prep-618molly-pitcher_bride-prep-819mckay_perrine520st-georges_ceremony-321st-georges_ceremony-222st-georges_ceremony-123st-georges_ceremony-724st-georges_ceremony-525st-georges_ceremony-426st-georges_ceremony-627st-georges_receiving-line-128st-georges_receiving-line-229st-georges_receiving-line-330st-georges_receiving-line-831mckay_portraits-132mckay_portraits-233st-georges_receiving-line-434st-georges_receiving-line-635mckay_portrait_336mckay_portraits_437mckay_portrait_238mckay_perrine639mckay_perrine440mckay_portraits_641mckay_portraits_542rumson-country-club_details43rumson-country-club_party-144rumson-country-club_party-245rumson-country-club_party-446rumson-country-club_party-647rumson-country-club_party-748rumson-country-club_party-349rumson-country-club_party-550rumson-country-club_party-951rumson-country-club_party-1152rumson-country-club_party-1253rumson-country-club_party-854rumson-country-club_party-1055mckay_portrait_1
Ceremony – St George’s By The River
Reception – The Riverhouse at Rumsory Club
Flowers – Boxwood Gardens
Wedding Invitation – Magic Beyond Midnight
Wedding Cake – Ye Olde Pie Shoppe
Entertainment – Jack Goodman Band/Esteem Entertainment
Wedding Dress – Pronovias
Bride’s Shoes – Beholden Bridal
Groom’s Weae – Dante Tuxedos
Make-Up – I Do Hair and Make-up
Hair – Pink comb Salon
Transportation – First Class Limousine

Emmy + Nicholas, Gramercy Park Hotel, New York wedding photographer

01new-york-wedding_bench-portThe weekend of October 10, 11 & 12, 2014 was an EPIC one for us here at McKay Imaging Photography! Not only was our wonderful associate photographer Sara photographing the Danyo wedding for us on the 11th but… on the 10th, Liz and I were photographing the Shinn wedding at Clarks Landing and then the McClelland wedding at Bayonet Farms on the 11th. So when our buddy Emmy Black ( we go way back ) : ) called us about photographing her wedding at The Gramercy Park Hotel in Manhattan on October 12th, my first reaction was “Ouch!” As much as we love Emmy, we couldn’t imagine photographing a 3rd wedding that weekend and doing it in The Big Apple to boot! It just sounded bruising! Emmy however said that she had complete confidence in us and it only took a little begging and crying, a few small bribes and some very sweet compliments to convince us that Liz and I were Supermen and that it would really no problem at all for us… and as it turned out, she was right!
We were so charged up when we arrived… happy to be working in the big city and in this beautiful hotel… happy to see our friend Emmy looking so beautiful and being so happy to be marrying the fabulously cool Nicholas Maximillion Luna on that very day! In fact, we can’t thank Emmy & Nicholas enough for bringing us in on their amazing wedding day. We feel really lucky to have been there to capture the spirit of it all in photos. Man, we really love our job!
Many thanks to the staff of GPH and to both families for treating us like guests (because we kind of were)! Thanks to Emmy’s Mom for making the whole thing possible and to the endlessly creative Kein Cross for being such an amazing decorator and friend to the family. Mostly, thanks to Emmy for not taking “Ouch” for an answer!
Yeah, I don’t use the work “epic” too often or too lightly but this weekend certainly was just that; and October 12th was like a giant cherry on the cake… with an exclamation point! Ahh, life is good…02gramercy-park-hotel_mckay_r03gramercy-park-hotel_mckay-104mckay_luna305gramercy-park-hotel_mckay_m06gramercy-park-hotel_mckay_h07gramercy-park-hotel_mckay_s08gramercy-park-hotel_flowers09gramercy-park-hotel_mckay_b10gramercy-park-hotel_mckay_c11gramercy-park-hotel_mckay_g12gramercy-park-hotel_mckay_t13gramercy-park-hotel_mckay_g (1)14gramercy-park-hotel_mckay_n15gramercy-park_first-look_mc16gramercy-park_shoes_mckay17new-york-city-wedding_brida18mckay_luna619new-york-wedding_mOH20new-york-wedding_brides-mai21mckay_luna522new-york-city_wedding_bus-s23new-york-city-wedding_groom24new-york-city-wedding_bride25new-york-wedding_street-por26new-york-wedding_park27new-york-wedding_detail28mckay_luna429mckay_luna130gramercy-park-hotel_mckay_f31mckay_gramercy-park-chetubah-232mckay_gramercy-park-chetubah-133mckay_gramercy-park-chetubah-334gramercy_ceremony-235gramercy_ceremony-336gramercy-park_ceremony-537gramercy-park_ceremony-438gramercy-park_ceremony-739gramercy-park_ceremony-840gramercy-park_details41gramercy_ceremony-142gramercy-park_party-443gramercy-park_party544gramercy-park_party345gramercy-park_party-246gramercy-park_party-1047gramercy-park_party-748gramercy-park_party-949gramercy-park_party-1150gramercy-park_party-851gramercy-park_party-1352gramercy-park_party-1453gramercy-park_party-1254gramercy-park_party-655gramercy-park_party-1556gramercy-park_party-157gramercy-park_skyline58mckay_luna2
Ceremony + Reception – Gramercy Park Hotel, New York
Event Design + Planning – Kein Cross
Flowers – Amy Lauren
Wedding Cake – Pink Cake Box
Entertainment – Lake City DJ’s
Wedding dress – Monique Lhullier
Groom’s Wear – Brooks Brothers

Monica + Patrick, Molly Pitcher Inn, Red Bank wedding photographer

01mckay_danyo3On October 11, 2014; the very same day that Liz and I were traipsing around the farm, cameras in hand, with The McClelland’s on their wedding day; Patrick Danyo was marrying Monica Kelly and our fine associate photographer Sara was there with her team at The Molly Pitcher Hotel to capture all the action!
Congratulations to the happy couple and their families and big thanks to all for allowing McKay Imaging Photography to capture many of those moments for you…
We wish you both the best of luck!02mckay_molly-getting-ready-203mckay_molly-getting-ready-404mckay_molly-getting-ready-305mckay_molly-getting-ready-106mckay_molly-rings-07mckay_molly-getting-ready-508mckay_danyo509mckay_molly-ready-110mckay_danyo111mckay_danyo412ckay_molly-ready-313mckay_molly-ready-214mckay_danyo215molly_first-look16mckay_molly_portrait-217mckay_molly_portrait-3-18mckay_molly-portriat-519mckay_molly-portriat-420mckay_molly_portraits-121mckay_molly-ceremony-222mckay_molly-ceremony-123mckay_molly_ceremony-724mckay_molly_ceremony-325mckay_molly_ceremony-426mckay_molly_ceremony-6-27mckay_molly_ceremony-528mckay_molly-portriat-629mckay_molly-details30mckay_mollypitcher-party-331mckay_danyo632mckay_mollypitcher-party-133mckay_mollypitcher-party-234mckay_mollypitcher-party-435mckay_mollypitcher-party-536mckay_mollypitcher-party-1337mckay_mollypitcher-party-1038mckay_mollypitcher-party-739mckay_mollypitcher-party-1140mckay_mollypitcher-party-941mckay_mollypitcher-party-8

Shamus + Caroline, Bayonet Farm, Holmdel, New Jersey


On October 11, 2014 Caroline McGeehan was married to Shamus McClelland at Bayonet Farms in Holmdel… or so the story goes. : ) Three hearts were in fact joined on that day (just ask their young daughter Rylee)!

In honor of this fine day, which began with music, love and good spirits and ended with the moon shining through the mist with a bright beauty the likes of which we’d never seen, we would like to offer the family this sweet merry Scottish blessing…

“Wherever you live in the world so wide,
We wish you a nook on the sunny side,
With much love and little care,
A little purse with money to spare,
Your own little hearth when day is spent,
In a little house with hearts content.”

Bob & Liz McKay
Ceremony + Reception – Bayonet Farm, Holmdel
Flowers –, Highlands
Wedding Invitation – Aprilink/Etsy
Catering + Wedding Cake – Mumfords
Ceremony Music – Bill Brennan
Cocktail Entertainment – Dark City Strings
Reception Entertainment – Erich the DJ Guy
Wedding Dress – Anna Campbell
Groom’s Wear – JCrew
Make-Up – Kelly McGee
Hair – Sebastian’s Hair EM
Lighting and Party Rentals – Paul David

Tara + Matt, Clarks Landing Yacht Club wedding photographer

01mckay_clarks-landing-dock-3Tara & Matt!
Tara Williams and Matt Shinn treated their friends and family to their amazingly beautiful, fun and elegant wedding at Clarks Landing in Point Pleasant, New Jersey! This venue is always a great choice as Don and the crew at Clarks are simply among the best at what they do and the ambiance and food are to die for… But it was not the only great choice that this couple made. To begin the day, Tara & Matt chose to have their first look and portraits done at Matt’s family home. Apparently, Matt’s father has been landscaping their property for years, paving slate and stone pathways through gardens around the entire perimeter of their land.. Just beautiful! You would think that he had been doing all of that work all along with this day in mind because the location was just perfect, as you will see.
Thanks so much to Ashley Dwyer for referring us to Tara & Matt. Thanks to the staff at Clarks Landing and to Mr. Shinn for making it so easy for us to make Tara & Matt’s photos look beautiful. Mostly, thanks to Mr. And Mrs. Matt & Tara Shinn for entrusting us with this important task and being so wonderful to us on the wedding day. We loved the day and love the photos and hope that you do too!
Best of luck to you both! We are looking forward to staying in touch… ; )02mckay_ring03mckay_dress-shoes04mckay_make-up05mckay_flowers06mckay_bride-getting-dressed07mckay_earrings08mckay_boutiennieres09mckay_groom-getting-ready10mckay_groom-ready-111mckay_grooms-men12mckay_groom13mckay_shinn114mckay_shinn415mckay_shoes16mckay_girls17mckay_leaving-house18mckay_shinn619mckay_first-look-120mckay_first-look-221mckay_bride-groom-1-22mckay_bride-groom-223mckay_bride-groom-324mckay-bridal-party-125mckay_bridal-party-126mckay_bride-groom-427mckay_shinn328mckay_bridesmaids-drinking29mckay_bridal-party-230mckay_bridal-part-331mckay_shinn532mckay_family-clarks-landing33mckay_clarks-landing-dock-234mckay_clarks-landing-dock-535mckay_clarks-landing-dock-136mckay_clarks-ceremony-137mckay_clarks-ceremony-338mckay_clarks-ceremony-239mckay_clarks-ceremony-540mckay_clarks-landing-ceremo41mckay_clarks-ceremony642mckay_clarks-ceremony743mckay_clarks-details44mckay_clarks-landing-245mckay_clarks-landing-346mckay_clarks-landing-647mckay_clarks-landing-448mckay_clarks-landing-149mckay_clarks-landing-550mckay_clarks-landing-951mckay_clarks-landing-752mckay_clarks-landing-853mckay_shinn254mckay_clarks-landing-1155mckay_clarks-landing-1056mckay_dock-night-shot
Ceremony + Reception – Clarks Landing Yacht Club, Point Pleasant
Flowers – Barlows
Cinematography – Michael Simons
Officiant – Anthony Testa
Wedding Invitation – Couture Studio
Wedding Cake – Bovella’s
Entertainment – Elite
Wedding Dress – Allure, The Wedding Store by Liz Clinton
Bride’s Shoes – Jessica Simpson
Grooms Wear – Greywell Tailors
Make-Up – Make-Up by Denise
Hair – Salon CoCo Bond
Transportation – Long Branch Trolley