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Caren + Joe, Crystal Point Yacht Club wedding

The wedding story of Caren Caterina and Joseph May is one of good humor, of love and of a lot of good luck as well! Caren and her mom Elaine were the first family members that we met as this wedding photo journey of ours began to unfold. They instantly struck us as sooooo incredibly nice, so funny and so… cute! And Mr. Caterina was no different… when we arrived at the hotel for getting ready pictures on the day of the wedding, he greeted us in the hotel lobby in a t-shirt with a bar code on it that read “Scan for Payment”! Is that funny or what? You gotta love these guys! : ) I left Liz there to take pictures with the girls and headed out to meet the groom, Joseph May at The Crystal Point. This quaint and elegant seaside venue is where Joe and his best man were getting ready for all of the wedding day magic that was soon to follow at that very same location. Joe was a real gentleman and what we would come to realize as the day went on, is that this gentle giant of a man loved his bride “completely” and at all times did so with his heart firmly planted on his sleeve! Caren, in return, could not get the smile off of her face! It was so heartwarming to witness, especially knowing what we did about how these two lovebirds had met… by luck. Good luck that is! Well, when most people think of superstorm Sandy, good luck is not what first comes to mind, unless of course Sandy happened to miss you completely. Well, suffice it to say that it did not miss Caren… but, as if to prove that every cloud does indeed have a silver lining, the Universe was in fact lining Caren up for some unexpected good fortune… for who serendipitously showed up at her door to inspect her construction repairs but Joseph May… her future husband! You’ve gotta love that! A more bittersweet story would be hard to find but of course, as good luck, lots of love and some good humor would have it, by the wedding day, only the sweetness remained! Thanks so much to Joe & Caren for writing us into your wedding day story. We wish you both a lifetime of continued good fortune! 23mckay_crystal-point-wedding-14mckay_crystal-point-wedding-23-5mckay_crystal-point-wedding-26mckay_crystal-point-wedding-47mckay_crystal-point-wedding-58mckay_may-wedding-29mckay_crystal-point-wedding-310mckay_crystal-point-wedding-711mckay_crystal-point-wedding-812mckay_crystal-point-wedding-9-13mckay_crystal-point-wedding-614mckay_crystal-point-wedding-1015mckay_crystal-point-wedding-1416mckay_crystal-point-wedding-1217mckay_crystal-point-wedding-1518mckay_crystal-point-wedding-1319mckay_crystal-point-wedding-1720mckay_crystal-point-wedding-1621mckay_crystal-point-wedding-1822mckay_crystal-point-wedding-19-23mckay_crystal-point-wedding-1924mckay_may-wedding-325mckay_may-wedding-126mckay_crystal-point-wedding-2027mckay_crystal-point-wedding-2228mckay_crystal-point-wedding-details29mckay_crystal-point-wedding-25-30mckay_crystal-point-wedding-2631mckay_crystal-point-wedding-3732mckay_crystal-point-wedding-3133mckay_crystal-point-wedding-3034mckay_crystal-point-wedding-3535mckay_crystal-point-wedding-3236mckay_crystal-point-wedding-3437mckay_crystal-point-wedding-3838mckay_crystal-point-wedding-2839mckay_crystal-point-wedding-29- Ceremony + Reception – Crystal Point Yacht Club, Point Pleasant Entertainment – Elite Flowers – Purple Iris Cinematography – Parasol Video ]]>

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