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Colleen + Tom, Oyster Point Hotel, Red Bank wedding photographer

Looking back on this lovely wedding day, we are reminded of how excited the bride Colleen Rogers and her man Tom Botwin were to be working with us in the weeks and months leading up to the big day. All of Colleen’s calls and letters to us were laced with happy anticipation! It was really so cute! Well, we always try to do a good job but having a little bit of cheer leading before the wedding day is always helpful… Thanks Colleen! We loved spending the day with you both. Your wedding day seemed to have the perfect blend of quiet sophistication and unbridled joy; qualities that we hope to have succeeded in capturing for you… There were so many things that made this day fun for us. First of all, I have to say, having such willing (and handsome) subjects really makes our jobs quite a bit easier! Then there were the locations, from the couples lovely family homes to the splendid St. Mary of the Assumption Church and then off to the stately Wilson Hall at Monmouth University until finally ending up at the always beautiful Oyster Point Hotel, where the only thing as nice as the view is the staff! Then, as if that wasn’t enough, it seemed that we already knew nearly half of the girls in the bridal party from some other parts of our life; Alison, a member of The Oyster Point sales staff, Rachel, whose head shot we photographed years ago and Kristen, who we met at a wedding in Aruba only last December! It was like Colleen & Tom had stocked the pond with friendly faces for us. : ) But enough about how much fun “we” had. Scroll down a little and check out how much fun Colleen & Tom had! Thanks again for a great day and best of luck to you both for a long, happy and prosperous life together! Bob & Liz 02oyster-point-hotel_mckay_203oyster-point-hotel_mckay_604oyster-point-hotel_mckay_505oyster-point-hotel_mckay_806oyster-point-hotel_mckay_407oyster-point-hotel_mckay_308oyster-point-hotel_mckay_09oyster-point-hotel_mckay_10oyster-point-hotel_mckay_1111oyster-point-hotel_mckay_1312oyster-point-hotel_mckay_1213oyster-point-hotel_mckay_914oyster-point-hotel_mckay_1415oyster-point-hotel_mckay_1516oyster-point-hotel_mckay_1817oyster-point-hotel_mckay_2018oyster-point-hotel_mckay_1719aoyster-point-hotel_mckay_2119oyster-point-wedding_mckay-20oyster-point-hotel_mckay_2221aoyster-point-hotel_mckay_1621oyster-point-wed_mckay-222oyster-point-hotel_mckay_2323oyster-point-hotel_mckay_2424oyster-point-hotel_mckay_25oyster-point-hotel_mckay_2626oyster-point-hotel_mckay_2827oyster-point-hotel_mckay_2928oyster-point-hotel_mckay_3029oyster-point-hotel_mckay_3130oyster-point-hotel_mckay_3231oyster-point-hotel_mckay_333233oyster-point-hotel_mckay_3434oyster-point-hotel_mckay_4235oyster-point-hotel_mckay_3936oyster-point-hotel_mckay_3837oyster-point-wedding_mckay-38oyster-point-hotel_mckay_4039oyster-point-wed_mckay-3-40oyster-point-hotel_mckay_41oyster-point-hotel_mckay_4542oyster-point-hotel_mckay_4143oyster-point-hotel_mckay_3744oyster-point-hotel_mckay_3645oyster-point-hotel_mckay_4346oyster-point-hotel_mckay_4647oyster-point-hotel_mckay_4748oyster-point-hotel_mckay_4849oyster-point-hotel_mckay_4950oyster-point-hotel_mckay_5051oyster-point-hotel_mckay_5152oyster-point-hotel_mckay_52 53oyster-point-hotel_mckay_5354oyster-point-hotel_mckay_5455oyster-point-hotel_mckay_5556oyster-point-hotel_mckay_5857oyster-point-hotel_mckay_56 Ceremony – St Mary of the Assumption Church, Deal, New Jersey Reception – The Oyster Point Hotel, Red Bank, New Jersey Flowers – Clores Flowers + Gifts, Montclair, New Jersey Cinematography – Lucid Lens, Long Branch, New Jersey Wedding Invitation – The Papery Wedding Cake – Ye Olde Pie Shoppe, Little Silver, New Jersey Entertainment – Sounds To Go, Red Bank, New Jersey Wedding Dress – Pronovias Bride’s Shoes – Kate Spade Groom’s Wear – Men’s Wearhouse Make-Up – Vicki Valenci Hair – Cherie Wilson Transportation – Long Branch Trolley, Long Branch, New Jersey ]]>

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