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Jacki + Kevin, Washington Square, New York engagement portrait

Washington Square Park in Manhattan. One thing led to another and life being what it is, busy and unruly, one by one our dates got pushed back. Then finally, one day last November, we had it all worked out. It was to be a beautiful Sunday afternoon and we loaded up the car for a fun New York City photo shoot. We were a little gun shy from all of the postponements so Liz kept checking the weather all the way up and her smartphone showed nothing but sunshine. We arrived early, had a bite to eat and walked over to the park. When we came out of the restaurant, we realized that the sky had grown a bit dark. Obsessively, and in spite of the obvious, we checked our phones again and saw nothing but sunshine. Soon, we were standing beneath the arch at the gateway to the park. The wind began to pick up and as the happy couple approached it began to rain. Well, we all stood there under the shelter of the arch, a little confused and a little bit windblown and wet, staring at the little sunny symbols on our “smart”phones in disbelief! Needless to say, we were missing our window of opportunity just before sunset… but every dark cloud of course has a silver lining! The Winter passed, cold and snowy but when Spring arrived, we made another date! When Liz and I walked into the park and saw the green trees, the flowers blooming and the liveliness of the park in Spring, we knew that that phantom Fall storm had been a blessing in disguise, a hint from the universe that maybe we should wait to photograph this couple when the city looked much more vibrant! I’ We’re so glad that we waited and will try to remember that whenever something doesn’t work out exactly as you planned, something better may be waiting just around the corner… Speaking of something better; we can’t wait for your Clark’s Landing Yacht Club wedding day, this coming September! 1mckay_imaging_wsp_3_newyork2mckay_imaging_wsp_1_newyork3mckay_imaging_wsp_2_newyork4mckay_imaging_wsp_4_newyork5mckay_imaging_wsp_5_newyork6mckay_imaging_wsp_6_newyork7mckay_imaging_wsp_7_newyork8mckay_imaging_wsp_8_newyork9mckay_imaging_wsp_9_newyork10mckay_imaging_wsp_10_newyor11mckay_imaging_wsp_12_newyor12mckay_imaging_wsp_11_newyor13mckay_imaging_wsp_13_newyor14mckay_imaging_wsp_14_newyor15mckay_washington-mews-916mckay_washington-mews-117mckay_washington-mews-418mckay_washington-mews-519mckay_washington-mews-620mckay_washington-mews-321mckay_washington-mews-822mckay_washington-mews-723mckay_washington-mews-2]]>

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