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Karley + Jeff, Nauvoo Grill wedding photographer

Happy 1st Anniversary to Karley & Jeff Lidzbarski! It was 1 year ago today that this couple, who now run an organic farm together right here in Monmouth County, got married at The Old First Baptist Church in historic Middletown and celebrated that union at The Nauvoo Grill Club in the quaint little riverside village of Fair Haven! We first met Jeff around this time, just last year, although we have been enjoying the fruits (literally) of his labor for the last decade or so. Karley however, we have known for quite a long while. My first memory of meeting Karley was when she worked as a sales girl in a little local Red Bank boutique on Monmouth Street called Margaret’s but there’s a good chance we knew her even earlier than that from the days of getting lunches at Second Nature, our local neighborhood organic health food store. She was just one of these people that we always used to see around town, back when Red Bank was…cool, for lack of a better word. Then, in the years to follow, we would always see her working hard at Farmer Ed’s stand, on almost any given Sunday at our local farmers market. So, fast forward about 15 years or so and there we were, on a fine Winter’s day last January so happy to be photographing her beautiful, low key wedding day. There were so many unique and fun details, from the bride’s cowboy boots to her richly colored, natural looking bouquet; from the very thoughtful place cards to the stylish, naked wedding cake. And the unique details went even further, from the choice of venues themselves right up to the inclusion of master of vinyl, Neil O’Brien, aka Foggy Notion as their DJ. For us, it was a room filled with a welcoming vibe, brought on not only by the atmosphere that Karley & Jeff provided but by the sight of a lot of familiar faces from the days when Liz and I first made Red Bank our home. Nights like that make us love our job all that much more! It was January 16th, 2015 and we were blessed with this lovely couple and a beautiful winter day. Thanks so much to Karley & Jeff for sharing it all with us… you made our job easy! We’ll see you soon at the Farmer’s Market! : )02mckay_nauvoo-grill_203mckay_nauvoo-grill_404mckay_winter-wedding-105mckay_nauvoo-grill_506mckay_nauvoo-grill_607mckay_nauvoo-grill_108mckay_nauvoo-grill_309mckay_nauvoo-grill_2010.mckay_nauvoo-grill_1711.mckay_nauvoo-grill_712.mckay_nauvoo-grill_813.mckay_nauvoo-grill_914.mckay_nauvoo-grill_1115.mckay_nauvoo-grill_1016.mckay_nauvoo-grill_1217.mckay_nauvoo-grill_1418.mckay_nauvoo-grill_1319.mckay_nauvoo-grill_1520.mckay_nauvoo-grill_1921.mckay_winter-wedding-322.mckay_winter-wedding-423.mckay_nauvoo-grill_1624.mckay_nauvoo-grill_2125.mckay_winter-wedding-626.mckay_winter-wedding-527.mckay_nauvoo-grill_2428.mckay_winter-wedding-929.mckay_nauvoo-grill_2330.mckay_nauvoo-grill_2231.mckay_winter-wedding-732.mckay_winter-wedding-833.mckay_nauvoo-grill_1834.mckay_nauvoo-grill_2535.mckay_nauvoo-grill_2636.mckay_winter-wedding-1037.mckay_nauvoo-grill_2938.mckay_nauvoo-grill_3239.mckay_nauvoo-grill_3040.mckay_nauvoo-grill_2742.mckay_nauvoo-gril

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