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Mary + Brian, Hyatt Resort + Casino, Aruba

Aruba, where Liz and I were sent to photograph the wedding of Mary DeVito to Brian Scudieri!… What an amazing ending it was; but the beginning of the journey, while just as precious, offered no hint to where it would eventually end. In fact, it began more than 3 years ago at The Red Bank Wedding Walk, where we met Mary’s sister Lauren… because she was getting married. The story of Lauren’s wedding to Jeff Schlogl is rich indeed and is well documented in amazing photographs by our wonderfully talented friend and associate photographer, Sara. A little more than a year and a half after that happy event, Liz and I found ourselves taking photographs for their son Tommy’s first birthday as well! We love when we get to watch a family grow like that… and so, we were thrilled when Lauren’s sister called to say that she too was getting married and were further elated to discover that the wedding would take place in Aruba! So, here we were, after having our wings de-iced at Newark International Airport on December 10th, 2013, landing on an island some 1900+ miles away, just 4 hours and 50ºF later! We stayed for four nights before the wedding to get the lay of the land and so, when the day finally arrived, we were very ready! The day began slowly and peacefully as all island weddings should. Brian & Mary both got ready right in the Hyatt, where we had all been staying, so by then, the hotel was feeling pretty “homey”. When they were both dressed and ready, we walked them outside for a very emotional “first look”. The family, some of whom had been witnesses to this, were all pumped up for some nice family photos as well. When all of that was said and done, the excitement really began! Liz and I, having scouted the island in the days before, had reserved a car and driver to whisk the four of us away so that Brian and Mary could be photographed with the natural beauty of the desert as their backdrop. They were real troopers to put up with the warmth of the sun and the whipping of the trade winds, in order to get some pictures before the ceremony began and it was sooo worth the effort, as the photos themselves can attest to! We returned to the hotel and with just a little touch up to hair and make up, they were soon ready for their beautiful seaside ceremony. Soon after that, they recessed into a well deserved cocktail hour and a party that can only be described as exactly what you would expect from just around 80 people having a party on a desert island…! : ) Thanks go out to Sounds To Go, also from Red Bank, for rocking’ the house! The biggest thanks go to Brian and Mary who not only brought us along for this wonderful event but encouraged us to put down our cameras and pick up a drink as the night came to a close… Well, at the beginning of this entry, we mentioned that this amazing wedding came at the “end” of our journey. But just as this wedding itself was a pleasant surprise that came some 3 years after meeting Mary’s sister in Red Bank; Liz and I look forward to more surprises from this family in the future. We imagine that the journey is not quite over yet and can’t wait to see what else the DeVito’s and Scudieri’s have in store! ]]>

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