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Reise & Mitch, The Imperia, Somerset, New Jersey wedding and Day After Photography at Stephen Crane House, Asbury Park

The Imperia in Somerset, we loaded up the car and headed out to The Steven Crane House, in Asbury Park, to “trash the dress”! Nobody had told Reise & Mitch either that our friend Tom had just announced that he was in the process of moving into that very same “spirited” little beach house on 4th Avenue. It seemed that we were just destined to end up there, one way or another. As it turns out, Reise used to reside at The Steven Crane House herself, back in the day, and the landlord was only too happy to have her come back for a visit. So, as our bride toured us around the house, we had fun moving Tom’s boxes around and revealing one mildly creepy little spot after another to channel the energy that the house provides into photographs. Then of course, being that we were in Asbury Park, it was off to the beach to give the dress a real thrashing! Big thanks to the Roberts and Shenassa families for a great wedding and thanks to Mitch and Reise for teaching us that waiting is overrated and it is sometimes best to strike while the iron is hot! Best of luck to you both! WEDDING DAY JUNE 25, 2011 DAY AFTER SHOOT JUNE 26, 2011 ]]>

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  • ConstanceThank you for sharing the exquisite photographs captured during Reise and Mitch wedding and apres party!!
    Today I spoke to Sandy (Reise’s mother), and she told me “everything”.
    Now, it is great to put your photographs to her words. What a fabulous job you both did!!!! I’ve never met Mitch, but I can tell that you truly have captured the essesce of Rieses’ anesthetic and now I have evidence, your photographs are prove that Mitch is just as cool!ReplyCancel

    • LizThank you soooo much for this wonderful comment! When we photograph any event, we are going for exactly the things that you pointed out. As photographers, this was an extremely fun and fulfilling wedding to photograph and Reise’s “aesthetic” had so much to do with that!  We LOVE our jobs!

  • Mitch ReiseLol stumbled upon this googling my name “Mitch Reise” is het first name Reise? Uncommon name, especially for a first nameReplyCancel

    • LizHi Mitch! Yes! The bride’s first name is Reise and you will never meet another one like her!    : )

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